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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Three Ladies Came Calling Today

Here are the three ladies that came calling today. Click on the picture's if you would like a closer view of these lovely ladies.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Not A Lot Goin' On In My Stitchin World

I really need to get back into my stitchin again, I haven't stitched in about a week and a half. Lately I've been more interested in playing with my Pattern Maker Pro and fondling my threads and fabrics and beads. We went shopping on Saturday and I couldn't even get myself motivated to go to Hobby Lobby or Michael's for some stash, how sad is that. Oh well, it will come back around and I'll be stitchin again in no time, it always does.

The smell around my yard is wonderful since all of our Honey Locust have gone into full bloom mode and you can hear the buzzing from all of the honey bees and bumble bees up in the blooms.
Our planters and hanging baskets are really filling out with all of the Pansy's and Marigolds, and we finally got our garden in with tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, and beets.
Our weather has been good for the new plants since it started to rain Sunday evening after we got everything planted and watered then rained again on Monday and Tuesday and it's supposed to rain today and maybe tomorrow also. Good thing I love the rain, the sound of it and the smell when it's over is so refreshing.

I caught Nicole getting her feisty on with Cody on the back porch and as you can see in the bottom corner, Jack was heading away from the scene since he always ends up becoming her target.
If I can get our camera turned on again I'll take pictures of the latest additions that my DH has added to our Jeep. Maybe in my next post, hopefully their will be some stitchin' in there too.

Until next time, Happy Stitchin' Everyone!

Monday, June 08, 2009

Keeping It Organized ! and a Farewell

I did get in some stitchin this past week but not enough to show.

Last week the question of "How Do You Store Your Fabrics" was asked, so I thought I would post a few pictures of how I store my stitchy stuff. Storage ideas and containers can come from so many places.

These are the under-bed storage boxes that I keep my Aida's, Linen's/Evenweaves, and Hand-dyed fabrics in. All of the hand-dyed fabrics I dyed myself.

I keep them stacked on top of other stitchy/crafty storage , and next to my DMC cabinets where I keep all of my extra DMC and Caron threads.

This is where I keep all of my Caron Wildflowers and Watercolors threads. It is just a medicine cabinet that had a broken back that I replaced with peg board.

And this is my Kreinik storage. These are shotgun shell holders that you can get at most sporting goods store's and they work great. I took a couple of spools with me to make sure they fit and got a few strange looks from men in that area of the store.

And here is how I keep all of my DMC solids and my Mill Hill beads. Yep a Plano fishing tackle box. The plano boxes even have room for more threads if DMC decides to add more colors. Those CraftMates storage containers fit perfectly in the top area, I have nine of them stored in there.

A Fond Farewell to Thumper
On Saturday, June 6th my Cockatiel Thumper (yes he was named after the bunny in Bambi) decided that 25 years was long enough and decided to fly over the Ranibow Bridge. I will miss him.

Wishing everyone a great week and hope you had nice weekend. Thank you all for your comments and encouragement on my posts, they really do mean a lot to me. Talk to you later.

Monday, June 01, 2009

A Stitchy Finish, a WIP and some S.E.X.

I didn't get a new camera this weekend, but I am able to get the old one to turn on with the help of a very small screwdriver so here are a few pic's.

I designed and finished another "In Memory Of" needle roll ornament. I'm stitching seven of these and am going to change the colors and be changing the design a bit to use as Christmas gifts for my Mother and my brother's and sister. I'll also be making two for our own Christmas tree one for my father and one for DH father.

This is my WIP that I have been working on for far to long and I hope to get it finished this year. It's from the book Glorious Earth and is being stitched without the Bible verse.

Since we went shopping on Saturday I managed to wrangle some stash shopping time at Hobby Lobby. I got some DMC Pearl Cotton #5 in Color Variations and a few solids. I picked up the two MCG Textile fabrics and a 2 1/2" pair of scissors for about 75% off retail. I also got a pack of Delica beads and a couple of linen threads on sale, and picked up another tube of Charles Craft 28ct. Monaco.

I was really disappointed with Hobby Lobby yet again since they have now shrunk the size of their Cross Stitch section, it will only fill one isle now. I really think they should change their name to Home Decor Lobby since that is what 60-70% of the store is and that is why they shrunk the cs section, needed to add more home decor down by the home decor fabrics. I think I'll get a few more of the Color Variations #5 pearl cottons that I don't have duplicates for and only go there for any good sales.

Just want to thank you all for any comments left as they do mean a lot to me and keep me stitching and designing.