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Saturday, December 21, 2013

My Early Christmas Present

We never go to the Black Friday sales they have after Thanksgiving and this year was no exception, but my wonderful DH (Dear Hubby ;) decided that we would go to the Thanksgiving Day pre-Black Friday sale that Wal-Mart was having. 

We left the house at 3:30 pm to be at Wal-Mart by 4:00 pm for a sale that didn't start until 6:00 pm. You might ask why we would want to stand around for two (2) hours waiting for the sale to start. 
Well, it was so my Wonderful DH could get me this beauty for my Christmas present.

This BEAUTIFUL Singer Heritage sewing machine is what we waited two (2) hours for.
I was not the only crazy woman waiting there either, there were already two other women waiting when I got there. I was greeted with a, "Are you after the sewing machine too", I said yes, and they replied "well come on over, there are only four machines and and with you three are taken". It wasn't long before we were joined by the final fourth person. 

This machine was a steal at $188.99 since it retails for $599.99.
I just love it, but it is BIG!

Here it is sitting next to my Brother I got back 2002. I could almost hide the Brother behind the Singer.

Wishing you all 
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !

Take Care & Happy Stitching !
(who still hasn't found her stitchin' mojo)

Blessed Christmas

I know that this is very last minute, but I just had to send out a little Christmas love to everyone who still reads my blog.

I want to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !!!


Choose your two favorite colors of floss, one for the words and one for the snow. Then pick your favorite fabric. 
Quick and simple little ornament chart. I left out the 1/4 stitches, but you can add them for a fuller look to the words. 
Everything is stitched with two strands of floss.

Copyright 2013. Sandra Longan Designs. All rights reserved.

Take Care Everyone & Happy Stitching !!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Day Trippin' In The Beartooth's

Last month the Big Guy and I took a day trip up over the Beartooth Pass here in Montana. Here are a few pics of the sights .

This is our new ride, 2006 PT Cruiser. Fun little car and way easier on gas than our 2001 Jeep Cherokee. The Big Guy still has some mods he wants to do on this.

The beautiful Beartooth Mountains. You can enlarge the pics for a better view.

The Beartooth Highway after you get way up there.

And a few new critters we haven't seen up there before.
We had never seen the Mountain Goats up here before, but this year we were at the right place and time. Over all there were over 30 goats with more than a dozen babies. 
This is only a few of them.

Hope you enjoyed our day trip.
We had a lot of fun drivin' from Montana to Wyoming and back. Unfortunately I didn't get a trip into Cody, Wyoming to go to Needlework Paradise formally The Iron Kettle, I thought they closed at 5:30 pm, so told a disappointed Big Guy (he thought it was his fault for checking out a few camping sights) not to bother since it was almost 5:00 pm and I would have only had 10 minutes to shop before they closed, only to find out when we got home that the store now has summer hours and stayed open until 8:00 pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

Lesson learned: always check the website when your man offers to take you to the needlework store. I have been promised a trip to Cody in the future.

Take Care All & Happy Stitchin'
Hugs, Sandy

Monday, July 29, 2013

At Last Another Stitchie Update

I've finally done a bit of stitchin' this year, unfortunately it's only been this one piece. It's cute and oh so primitive, I just LOVE it and have a few more I want to stitch.
Sampler Pear VI
A freebie from Samplers-And-Santas blog.
It's stitched on 28ct. Natural Linen using DMC Threads.
The line around the pear is where I intend to hand stitch it before stuffing it as a pin pillow.

I did manage to do a little stash shopping this month. Stitchin' stuff around Billings, Montana is in short supply lately. I hadn't been in Micheal's, Hobby Lobby or the new Jo-Ann's Superstore in quite a while, but was not really surprised by the lack HUGE lack of stitching supplies available. Micheal's and Hobby Lobby have dropped almost all of their DMC specialty threads and Pearl Cottons as well as any Mill Hill beads they used to carry. Hobby Lobby has added some of the Sullivans threads and supplies.

 This is my total haul from all three stores minus the one pack of Mill Hill beads I already put away. The 28ct. fabrics, Pearl Cottons and Milliners needles came from Jo-Ann's.

 These beautiful Sullivan's Scissors came from Hobby Lobby.

 This totally adorable bank came from Micheal's. 
I have a thing for the old sewing machines ya know.

I'm still really concentrating on getting my Genealogy done up on as well as on my computer. My hubby bought us a newer version of Family Tree Maker that you can download what you've put on to the Family Tree program, which will be a Godsend if my computer ever has problems. 
I've put my Genealogy on my old computer at least 4 times and every time it went down I lost everything, even the back up disks had problems and I had to start over.
This year my Hubby put together a brand new computer for me, I'll have to take pic's of it later, since I always forget when I have the camera out. He likes to start from scratch and buy the pieces he wants in them instead of buying one at Wal-Mart, takes a bit longer, but I have a much better computer that he can upgrade it when he needs to.

Well, that's it for now, hopefully there will be more stitching in my future.

Take Care All and Happy Stitchin'
Hugs.....Sandy in Montana

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

I won a piece of Linen!!!

I entered a contest last month sponsored by The Stitchers Village 
 And I couldn't believe it, I won !!, I've never won anything when I've entered a contest.
Here's my prize I received yesterday.

"HOPPER" is an Ancestry Linen 32ct. by Picture This Plus.
The piece is approx. 17 x 25 in a very pretty variegated green, it came with all the edges serged and an adoption certificate.

Here is "Hopper's" Adoption Certificate

Maybe this will give my stitchin' mojo the kick in the butt that it needs. I've actually been tryin' to design a bit and I pulled out my stitchin' fabrics and started fondlin' my flosses last month, so it look's like there could be a light on the stitchin' horizon.

Take Care and Happy Stitchin' Everyone
Hugs, Sandy In Montana

Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

I've Not Fallen Off The Face Of The Earth

Just wanted to let everyone who still follows my blog know that I'm still around. 

Sadly, I have absolutely NO stitching or designing desire at all. After my last finish many months ago, I had picked up my needle, but only put in a handful of stitches here and there. I don't think I've even touched my stitching in the last six months, except to move it out of my way. I tried to design a little something to share at Christmas and couldn't even come up with anything, The same thing happened for Valentines day, tried and tried, but nothing. I haven't even been to the craft store in months. I do try to keep up with my stitching groups, but rarely comment anymore. I do hope that my stitching groove comes back, cause I kind of miss it and have way to much stitchy stuff not to want to stitch.

I have however, been spending my time doing my family genealogy, or what I like to call "Finding the Horse Thieves, Bootleggers and Slave Owners in Your Family Tree". I haven't found any horse thieves yet, but as for the other two,  they are on both sides of my family. I have discovered so much about my families past, what they did, how they lived, it's all just so amazing. My hubby is also working on his family, and has discovered things he never knew. I'm loving every minute of it, so I guess it's a fair trade off for no stitching. 

Take Care Everyone and Happy Stitching or Searching ...... Sandy