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Friday, October 30, 2009

Memory Ornament Chart

Here is a chart for making the "In Loving Memory" needle roll ornament. I chose not to list the colors I used so that you can make this a custom piece using your loved ones favorite colors. The black dots are for french knots or beads. The long black lines are for name and date placement only, do not stitch them. The alphabet is for personalization and is not part of the design. This chart uses a Half Diamond Eyelet.
This site has great instructions for doing specialty stitches:

(just click, print and stitch)

All I ask in return is that you stitch this up and post a picture on your blog or photo album so I can see how yours turned out.

Needle Roll Ornament Finishing

OK, here we go. I hope these instructions are clear enough for you to follow.

1. Center and stitch your design on a 6'w x 10"h piece of 32 count linen.
Your design should measure no more than 60w x 45h (about 4"w x 3"h).
You can use any count fabric you like, but bear in mind that it will effect the overall size of your ornament.

2. From the top of the finished stitching, count up 15 threads. Remove the next four (4) horizontal threads. This will form your ribbon weaving area.

3. Count another 15 threads above the weaving area and remove two (2) horizontal threads.
This will form the area for working the Hemstitch. Unfortunately I do not have a web site that can show you how to do the Hemstitch, I learned from a book a long time ago.

If you do not want to do the Hemstitch you can opt. to stitch a row of Tent Stitches (Half Cross Stitches) from edge to edge in place of removing the two threads, then work a blind hem for finishing

4. Count up 32 threads or 1" above your hem area and remove one (1) thread. Cut the fabric in the space made by pulling the thread to ensure you have a straight cut.

To make your hem, fold fabric a quarter of the way between your cut edge and the pulled threads or tent stitches, press. Fold again making sure that the first fold lines up with the top of the pulled threads or tent stitches.
Work hem stitch or a blind hem by catching your thread on the back of the tent stitches. You can also finish the hems using a sewing machine. Repeat for opposite end.

5. Fold fabric in half lengthwise with right sides together, stitch a 5/8" seam. Trim seam to 1/4" and finger press open. (Use a no fray product on the edges to control fraying)

Turn tube right side out.

6. Cut a 24" length of 1/4" ribbon in half, giving you two (2) 12" lengths. Thread one 12" length of ribbon onto a size 22 tapestry needle. Starting on the bottom of the ornament, in the center front of the ribbon row, weave the ribbon through the vertical threads going under two (2) then over two (2) all the way around the ornament. Repeat on other end.
Pull the ribbon ends to close the bottom of the ornament and tie in a knot. Stuff the ornament firmly with fiber-fill.
Make a 6" to 8" piece of twisted cording in colors to match stitching or use purchased cording or ribbon, to make a hanger. Secure the hanger inside of the ornament either by hand stitching it in place within the seam or as pictured by threading the hanger through a bead.

7. Pull the remaining ribbon ends to close the top of the ornament making sure that all stuffing is inside and that raw ends of the hanger cannot be seen. Tie in a knot, then tie bows and adjust and trim tails to suit.

There you go, a one of a kind keepsake to be treasured for years to come.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Own Little World Chart

Here is the chart for my favorite saying of all time, and yes it does apply to me especially if I'm stitching or just fondleing around in my stitching stuff.
"In My Own Little World"
(just click, print and stitch)

Make sure you post to your blog or photo album when you finish it up so I can see how it turned out.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Chart for Not To Clean Up !!

OK all you messy ladies, I figured out how to get a chart to post on here.
So for your stitching enjoyment may I present
"The #1 Reason Not To Clean Up"
(just click, print and stitch)

Make sure you post to your blog or photo album when yours is finished so I can see how it turned out.

Old Stitching = New Finishes

I've been working on getting some of my older pieces finished up so they are no longer orphands in a box. I managed to get two of them done. I still have several more to figure out what I want to do with them.

Design: Welcome Autumn
My own concoction using parts (pumpkins & indian corn) from Cross Stitching Country Magazine. It was stitched in 2006 on 14ct. aida by Charles Craft using DMC and Wildflowers threads.
I finished it as a Bell Pull and added more of those great Jesse James Company buttons.

Designer: Sandy In Montana
It was stitched in 2007 on 28ct. Monaco by Charles Craft using Wildflowers thread.
I was going to finish it as a Biscornu, but made it into a coaster/tray instead.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Two More Stitching Finishes for 2009

Hello my sister's in stitching, I hope everyone is getting in at least a little stitching for your soul's.

I want you all to know that I do read every little note you leave behind before I add them to my blog, so I have been paying attention to what you have to say.
I'm trying to figure out how to export a few of my original charts so that I may share with the rest of you here on my blog, but it's taking a bit of time to get it worked out.
For those of you that fell in love with "The #1 Reason Not To Clean" I found the saying on a plaque in The Stitchery catalog and just charted it out, stitched it and added whatever buttons I thought looked cute.
And yes Lee ;-) I've heard your request wanting to learn to make the mini needle roll ornament and I'm trying very hard to put what I see in my head into words that will make since to someone trying to follow them, I have the pictures, just need to get the words right.

Now, on to my latest finishes!!

This has been my favorite saying for year's and year's and I've finally gotten around to charting it out and stitching it up. It now hangs on the door to my stitching/craft/sewing room and boy o' boy is it ever appropriate. I try to ignore the voices of the stitching imps telling me to go in "and "just look" at all the pretty floss and fabric". Of course they always seem to win. Maybe that's why I've gotten so much stitching and designing done this year ;-)
Design: "In My Own Little World"
Designer: Sandy In Montana
Stitched on 32ct. hand-dyed (by me) linen, using DMC Color Variations #4135 Chilean Sunset. Embellished with buttons from the Jesse James Co's. Dress-It-Up collections and two tiny gold stars. The hanger is made from braided jute twine and it was turned into a mini pillow hanger.

Here is the last of the memory ornament's that I have made for my family. This one is for my sister.

Design: "In Loving Memory"
Designer: Sandy In Montana
Stitched on 32ct. cream linen from Zweigart using DMC threads and Delica beads.

Friday, October 23, 2009

The #1 Reason NOT to Clean Up!!

I stitched this magnet up last night and finished it off this afternoon.
It's for a friend who works with my DH.

Stitched on 18ct. Fiddler's Lite Aida by Charles Craft using WDW - Mulberry and a bunch of country buttons in purple's.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Needle Roll Ornament #3 Finished

I finished the third ornament in Memory of my Daddy last night, only one more to go. That will take care of my sister and two brothers.
I think I will send the green one to my Mama instead of keeping it, then I will stitch one for myself and one for DH in Memory of his Dad. That should take care of my family, unless one of them has a special request for another departed family member. Then, of course, I would gladly stitch another. This one will go to my brother in Colorado.

Designer: Sandy In Montana
Stitched on:
32ct. cream linen by Zweigart
using DMC Rayon threads and Mill Hill beads.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

In Loving Memory" Ornament #2 Finished

I finished my second "In Loving Memory" needle roll ornament yesterday in honor of my Daddy. I made this one for myself and stitched the shamrocks motif from one of my other designs that I have yet to stitch up. I used the shamrocks in honor of my fathers Irish heritage. The little heart in the center is from an old abalone earing that I cut the post off of and attached with a permanent glue dot.

Designer: Sandy In Montana
"In Loving Memory"
32ct. ivory linen from Zweigart, DMC threads, Delica Beads in #127 Gold Luster,
24" of 1/4" ivory satin ribbon & one old pierced earing.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Apples & Pears & More SNOW!!!!

Yesterday DH & I went out and harvested the rest of the apples and pears that were left on the trees after he got home from work. I wanted to get as much as possible before our latest cold snap hit. And has it, you betcha, it's been snowing off and on all day today and has barely it 30.

Here is part of the harvest, I still have a large canvas bag full of apples.
It looks like I'll be baking apple pies and such over the weekend since it's going to be in the 20's for the highs and down around 10 over night.

Here's one of our apple trees this morning. Good thing we did the harvesting yesterday. The pear tree is on the other side of the antique potato planter behind the apple tree.

This is a view from my back porch around noon. We have about 2" of snow so far, but it's not done yet. This storm came down from Canada, thanks a bunch Canada, please feel free to keep the rest of your snow :) If you click on the picture to make it bigger you can see the falling snowflakes.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Another Original Design Finish !!

I finally finished one of my "Memory of Daddy" ornaments after scrapping the original one I started with a couple months back (didn't like the Carolina Linen I used) and designing a whole new chart. I like the new one much better and will be making the other three in the same way. I may need to work on the finishing a bit more I think, but am pretty well satisfied.

Here is the finished stitching.

Design: "Memory of Daddy" - Ornament
Designer: ME!!
Stitched on 32ct. cream linen by Zweigart using DMC Satin Floss (and lots of Thread Heaven), and Mill Hill beads.
Specialty Stitches: Half Diamond Eyelets, Small Rhodes Hearts, & Rhodes Diamonds. Also used cross stitch and running stitch.
Edge hemmed using the hem stitch (first time I tried this stitch).
Tied with satin ribbon and hanger made from DMC Satin Floss.
The ornament is 3-1/2" tall and 4-1/2" in circumference not counting the hanger which is another 1-1/4".

Monday, October 05, 2009

Autumn's First Snow

It's October, and in true Montana fashion we got our first snow fall of the season. This is what I woke up to this morning.

It's now doing the light snow thing but it's getting a little warmer, almost 40 so it's also starting to melt in some places. Have I ever mentioned, I Hate Snow, but I've lived in northern California (90 miles north of Reno, Nevada) and now Montana since moving with my DH from central California. He's a mountain guy, born and raised in northern California and I was born and raised a central California gal, but I do love Montana and the rural area we live in.

Our Jeep's

We found out from our insurance company that our yellow Jeep aka: Tonka Toy was totaled in an accident back in January several months before we bought it, so, you guessed it, they wouldn't cover the repair cost's.
We did get some cash back from them after the buyback fee, so my DH did all the work and got our Tonka Toy back in to drivable condition with a few upgrades.
Here are some before deer damage, deer damage, & after repairs photo's.

His first photo back in May when DH brought Tonka home.

Taken in August after a Kamakazie Deer popped out in front our Jeep. Not a pretty sight.

After my DH replaced the header, grill, headlights, & bumper. New beefier steel bumper with a winch, he's now on the look out for a suitable grill guard to mount on the bumper. He added a roof rack in July and now has our Hi-Lift jack and a shovel mounted on the side's.
I think he looks great!
That's my Lil' Jeep next to Tonka we got him running on Friday, but he wouldn't start with out DH's help on Sunday so I took him for a drive around town for a bit and now he won't start again this morning. We really don't want to have to scrap him, but also don't want to put a whole lot of money into him either, He's a 1994 and has over 200 thousand miles on him, so DH will have to decide what to do next.