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Friday, January 07, 2011

A Forgotten Bit of 2010

I forgot about my ORT gleanings from 2010 so I thought I'd post a pic.
Gotta love those old pale blue canning jars and zinc lids.

And here is my found stitchin' finish from 2010.
Found this one while I was reorganizing my craft table.
It will be turned into a plaque when I find the right piece of wood.

"Merry Christmas"
Designed by: Sandy in Montana

Thank you all for stopping by and leaving a bit of your thoughts behind.
I appreciate each and every one of your comments.

Take Care & Happy Stitchin' Everyone....
Hugs, Sandy

Saturday, January 01, 2011

The Last Finishes Of 2010

Happy New Year Everyone!!!
Wishing you all a very Blessed and Prosperous Year.

I did manage to get a couple of finishes before the clock struck midnight.

Finished as a pin pillow 12-31-2010.

I have been asked by a few stitcher's if my threads are colorfast.
After stitching this design with some of the darker colors I've dyed, I frogged some of the stitches the next day without any color transfer from the threads to the fabric. I then washed it using cool water and Orvus (I wash all of my needlework with it) then rinse, rinse, rinse and had no color bleeding onto the fabric. I did however have a little color transfer to the white towel I rolled the piece in from the cranberry thread, but it was very minimal.
So over all I'd say they are 95% to 98% colorfast, but as with any hand-dyed fiber there is always that chance that one may be a bit out of sorts depending on water conditions and the washing soap used.
But overall I am still happy with my test results and more testing will take place before I offer them for sale.
Better safe than sorry since I know all of the hard work that goes into any stitched piece.

by Sandy Longan Miller of
Log Cabin Needlework's

"Needleworker" was stitched as part of the
group's week long stitch-a-thon in honour of Rene, a beloved member of our group who is batteling the end stages of cancer. I also dyed some threads during this time and have named one "Rene's Purple" I'm still working to find the right mix for a "La Frog Green". I'll post picture's of the threads later on.

Take Care & Happy Stitching Everyone
Hugs, Sandy