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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

July Trip to Cottonwood Creek

Here are pictures from our July trip. We camped from July 3-7.
 Very photo heavy.

The hub chose a different site this time thought there were less mosquitoes, there weren't. Not as much room when stepping out of the trailer, had to watch for rocks so we didn't twist an ankle. Won't park there again unless there is no other site, we could also park on one of the outcroppings down by the river.
Tried to see some of the fireworks displays on the 4th, but there was a huge storm rolling in.

Even the neighbors thought they could get a glimpse.
I actually caught lighting after trying a couple dozen times.
We fired up the Rhino and took a drive after the roads mostly dried out a day later. Saw some more things we hadn't seen before while camping there.

And the two mines they were running. You can only go into them if you have a permit and key from the BLM so they know to send help if you don't return the key by a certain time. They are also posted with signs for Radon levels. We did not go into the mines.

Thought the one with the cage looked like something out of Jurassic Park. You have to repel down into that one.

Also got some shots of Devil's Gorge and the Big Horn Canyon.


Views of the Big Horn River are everywhere. This river is only about 10-15 feet wide during the winter and spring winding through the valley, but when the snows start to melt and the spring rains start it covers the whole valley.

That's it for this camping trip, next will be our trip to the Big Horn Mountains.

Take Care Everyone
Hugs, Sandy

Monday, July 29, 2019

Cottonwood Creek Campground

Hello Everyone, hope you are all well.

Our first three camping trips were to Cottonwood Creek Campground just a few miles outside of Lovell Wyoming. This is a BLM campground and is free for up to 14 days, a bathroom is it only amenity, there are 8 sites. These are from our May & June trips.

Here we are all set up in our favorite site. The silver Yamaha Rhino is the hubs used/new toy lets him hit all the back roads without putting extra wear and tear on the pickup.

It has a great view out our back window of the river during the day and the lights of Lovell at night, which I didn't get a pic of this trip but I have shown them in previous posts.

Found some interesting sites while out and about.
A small canyon with lots of cave openings and an old mine site with the things they left behind strewn about.

And as always there was at least one beautiful sunset.

 I'll post our July trip later, so that's all for now.

Take Care Everyone
Hugs, Sandy

Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Stitchin' & Sewin'

Hello Dear Friends & Followers: I hope all is well with you.

So I got a bit of sewing done this month and stitching done last month and this month on our camping trips.

First off, I designed & stitched two Chair Caddy's for our camp chairs.

They were made from Fat Quarters and have snaps to hold them in place.

They will hold a book or some stitchin' and a bottle of water
or whatever your drink of choice is.

Also got in a bit of small stitchin'

 A bookmark for the Hubs and three magnets, all my original designs.
The bookmark was stitched on 14ct. perforated paper and the magnets were stitched on 14ct. plastic canvas, all were stitched using DMC threads.

That's it for this post, I still have to put up posts of our last three camping trips, they were all at Cottonwood Creek Campground outside Lovell, Wyoming so I have A LOT of similar photos to sort out.

Until next post.....

Take Care & Have A Great Day
Hugs, Sandy

Thursday, July 04, 2019

Happy 4th of July !!

Wishing all who celebrate and all who serve 
A very Happy Independence Day !!