Friday, August 31, 2018

Smalls SAL August 2018

Hello Friends, Hope you are all doing well. 
Well our truck cost us $405. He had to drop the fuel tank twice and replace the roll over shutoff and there was something loose in the filler neck that had to be fixed. At least now we can fill up the tank normally.

Here is my stitchin' for the August edition of the 2018 Smalls SAL....

"If You Sprinkle"
Done in DMC and Caron Wildflowers floss on 14 count rustic Aida.
I winged this piece and made changes on the go while we were up in the Big Horns. 
The pine boughs and lettering are all different than my original design.

I'm going to finish the framing and then hang above the potty in the trailer bathroom.
I showed it to the Hubs and he asked if I was trying to tell him something, said nope, just thought it would be a cute addition in my attempt to add some rustic cabin flavor.

That's it for this post, so until next time.......

Take Care and Happy Stitchin'
Hugs, Sandy

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Sweet Deer Family

I spotted this sweet little family on Tuesday while looking out of my craft room window.

Mama was very lovingly cleaning her two wee fawns.
They have been hanging around our yard and the field behind the cabin for the last few weeks.
One of the fawns had a limp the first time I saw them, but it seems to have healed up since neither one was limping as I watched them walking around the yard.

Take Care &
Have A Great Weekend
Hugs, Sandy

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Another Week In the Big Horn Mountains

Hello All, we got back from our last camping trip to the beautiful Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming on Sunday, August 19. We set out at 6:30 am on Tuesday, August 14th and after stopping to fill the water tank up on the mountain, we found the same dispersed (free/boondockin') campsite as the last trip. This is starting to be our go-to campsite and will be even better when we get solar set up on the RV to charge the batteries since it is out in full sun. This is our last camping trip to the Big Horns for the season.

The trip started out fine but the truck wouldn't let the hubs fuel up except at a trickle when we stopped in Gray Bull, Wyoming, and by the time we got home the fed me indicator light was screamin' at him. The trucks at our local mechanic and he thinks it's either a plugged filter or the roll over sensor might have died either of which could be the culprit.

The weather was beautiful until late Friday night. Then it was high winds, lightening, thunder and pouring rain, then rain off and on all day Saturday and into the night. It stopped raining long enough on Sunday afternoon for us to hookup, dump the gray and black water tanks then stop to fill the 5 gallon fuel can and trickle some diesel into the truck before headin' back down the mountain.  

Here are a few pictures from around the campsite.....

We even parked in the same position as the last trip.
Looking down into the valley with it's dry creeks.

The Hubs found some rock formations that were granite and clear quartz.

We took a few smaller pieces home to add to the other rocks around the cabin.

I found a couple of  interesting plants.
These wee cuties were scattered about along with some wee sage colored ground cover.

I called these "Fairy Rings" they grow in perfect circles with a space in the middle. They are probably much nicer in the Spring/Early Summer.

We were Graced with a beautiful Sunset on Thursday evening.
The round ball in the background on the top of Medicine Mountain is an FAA Radar Dome.
I've wondered what it was for years and just came across it last night.
"Black Walnut Update"
We found out that the Black Walnut fell because a wood pecker had made a hole/nest in the tree years before and enough rain had soaked in through the years and rotted the trunk until it just couldn't take the weight any longer. 
Luckily when we got back home all of the other trees around the Cabin were still in their upright positions.  
I did get quite a bit of stitchin' in on the last two trips and have several smalls to show later on.
All of the smalls I've designed and stitched will be made into things to add a personal touch to the Rolling Vacation Home. I even made a piece to hang in the bathroom.

So, until next time.......

Take Care & Enjoy Life
Hugs, Sandy

Saturday, August 11, 2018

August TUSAL

Hey Everyone, 
It's ho,tter than Hades here in Montana up to 100 today. 
Oh how I hate the summer heat. I'm more than ready for the Fall to show up.
But then comes Winter and you all know how much I just love (insert sarcasm) that white four letter word.

It's time for my August TUSAL (Totally Useless Stitch-A-Long) you can find a link on my sidebar.
Here they are, camping ORT's on the left, house ORT's on the right.

And out of their containers.
That's all for the ORT Report.
Until next time......
 Take Care & Happy Stitchin'
Hugs, Sandy

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Bighorn Mountains August 2018

Hey There Everyone. 
I've went through all the pic's my hubs took from our camping trip, and there ready to be posted. So sit back with a drink and a snack cause there are a lot of pic's of the Great Outdoors.

We chose the same dispersed (free) camping area that we stayed at last year. It's in full sun, but has a great breeze all the time and being at 8000+  feet in elevation the high's were in the mid 70's during the day and high 40's to low 50's at night, in other words, Perfect. 

Our mobile Vacation Home in all it's glory.

Lots of amazing views no matter which way you looked.
And because of the fires in California, Canada, Montana, and Wyoming there was a fair amount of smoke and haze.

The Hubs took out his Metal Detector and did a bit of scanning around the area.
He found a bit of old metal and a few hits that might have been Gold but nothing to show off unfortunately.

Ton's of Granite with Quartz which is known for having Gold, but no big hits worth taking home.
He found a shaft that had been dug about 20 to 30 feet down and a good sized tailing's pile.

As always, there are so many strange yet beautiful rock formations all over the mountains.
 Even small caves with snow still hidden inside.

I think the snow resembles the head of a sleeping Dragon, right down to the eye and scales.

My Hubs has a fascination with Rock Carin's and we always get pictures of the ones he finds.
It is said they were used by freighters in the 1800's to mark the trail through the mountains and by Native Americans to mark good places to camp.

And last but by no means the least......

MOOSE and ......

There were also Deer, Marmots (so hard to get pictures of those little critters), Birds galore and the grazing cows and fluffy sheep with their guard dogs.

Well, that's all for this camping trip, he still has a couple more trips planned for the year so it's not over yet.
So until the next post.......

Take Care & Happy Camping
Hugs, Sandy

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Summer of the TREE

Hello Everyone;  Hope you all are safe and well.

What the heck is wrong with the tree's around our house ? 
 We have lived here for 25 years and have never had this much breakage. And all in four months time.

We just got back from a four day camping trip on Sunday 8/06 and found this in our side yard.

RIP Black Walnut
Our decades old Black Walnut tree had split right down the trunk. Luckily that dilapidated old blue single wide trailer house that a renter abandoned here caught the tree and kept it from blocking the dirt alley way on that side of the property. 
In the last 25 years it has only dropped one or two branches. So sorry it gave way it was such a big beautiful tree and a major source of food for our pudgy squirrel population. We still have two much smaller Black Walnuts on the same side of the property right where we currently park the Vacation Home.
The Hubs got the large cottonwood branch on the ground with the help of our Jeep and just needs to get it cut into sections for splitting, but this Black Walnut is going to be a major undertaking. 
We would like to try and save the little Rubbermaid storage container that is right under it, but if we can't it was just a freebie from the Hubs work. He'll have to get on top of the trailer and see how the tree is braced before cutting anything.

Again, feeling so very Blessed that nothing was damaged and no one was hurt.

With all of these trees dropping branches and just plain giving up their all, I don't think we will have to get firewood for a few years.

That's it for today, I'll post about our camping trip to the Big Horn Mountains tomorrow. 

Take Care Everyone
Hugs, Sandy