Tuesday, March 26, 2019

I Totally Spaced!

Hello Everyone; I hope all is well with you. 
The snow has started to melt finally, but has turned parts of my yard into a soggy muddy mess.
I totally forgot about posting this to my blog at the end of last month. I posted to the Facebook group, "Stitching From Stash" but forgot to post here.

A couple of smalls stitched on plastic canvas.

 These will be turned into a pair of earrings if I can just find the bag of earring hooks I have somewhere in the disaster area that I call my craft room. 

This will be a magnet for the month of "February", I still have several more to make to go with it.

All are stitched using DMC threads, solids for the feathers and variegated plus white for the heart on 14 count plastic canvas.

I've gotten them all cut out and need to back them with felt, at least for the magnet, but I may stitch two more of the feathers and whip stitch them together so they are the same front and back.

I haven't done any stitching so far this month, been working on my hanging camping organizers. Who knew how long it takes to go through fabrics, iron them, measure them, clip samples, cut a few, fold others, and then try to find coordinating fabrics. 

Well, that's all for this post, I'll have another post about some things I've gotten for the vacation home soon. 
So, until next post.......

Take Care & Happy Stitchin'
Hugs, Sandy

Wednesday, March 06, 2019

A Bit of Crabbing & TUSAL Update

Hello Friends & Followers
It's still cold and snow covered here in south central Montana. 
We have around a foot of that fluffy white crap covering everything and with the high temps only occasionally going up to 20 degrees F. and lows in the single digits or below zero it's going to stick around. The bright side is that the highway's the hubs drives to work are clear, that is until the next storm rolls through.

Went to a new doctor Tuesday and all is good, need to loose weight but I always seem to need to do that. 
Changed from my original doctor, because she had the attitude that her word was law, and your opinion didn't matter. 
I'm 55 and when I saw her 2 years back she informed me that I needed to stop taking Estroven hot flashes since they only last for a year and that the Estroven can raise your blood pressure. 
Thought that was odd since everything I had read and all I heard from family and friends is that they could last up to ten years right along with all the other crap that comes with being meno positive. Even now I still have one every now and then, but thankfully not every frickin 15-20 minutes like when they first started. Sometimes being a woman can suck, first it's PMS then it's Menopause, both equally irritating in their own ways.

Now I have to stop by my old doctors office on Friday so I can sign a release form so they will transfer my records to my new doctor. Wish I knew that when I had my appointment and I would have stopped on Tuesday.

Think I've done enough bitchin' and moanin' for one post, now on to the TULSA part.
Totally Useless Stitch-A-Long click the link to see what it's about if you don't already know.

Floss & Thread ORT's

Fabric ORT's

Been working on some hanging organizer's for Tents, Pop-Up Trailer's and RV's to sell in the near future. I'll let everyone know when I do in case your interested. 
Haven't decided if I want to sell on my blog or open an Etsy store. If any of you have an Etsy store I'd love to know how you like using it. Is it easy to use and how are the fee's overall?
Well that's it for this post, so until next post.....
Take Care Everyone
Hugs, Sandy