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Thursday, March 28, 2013

I've Not Fallen Off The Face Of The Earth

Just wanted to let everyone who still follows my blog know that I'm still around. 

Sadly, I have absolutely NO stitching or designing desire at all. After my last finish many months ago, I had picked up my needle, but only put in a handful of stitches here and there. I don't think I've even touched my stitching in the last six months, except to move it out of my way. I tried to design a little something to share at Christmas and couldn't even come up with anything, The same thing happened for Valentines day, tried and tried, but nothing. I haven't even been to the craft store in months. I do try to keep up with my stitching groups, but rarely comment anymore. I do hope that my stitching groove comes back, cause I kind of miss it and have way to much stitchy stuff not to want to stitch.

I have however, been spending my time doing my family genealogy, or what I like to call "Finding the Horse Thieves, Bootleggers and Slave Owners in Your Family Tree". I haven't found any horse thieves yet, but as for the other two,  they are on both sides of my family. I have discovered so much about my families past, what they did, how they lived, it's all just so amazing. My hubby is also working on his family, and has discovered things he never knew. I'm loving every minute of it, so I guess it's a fair trade off for no stitching. 

Take Care Everyone and Happy Stitching or Searching ...... Sandy