Thursday, November 08, 2018

TUSAL Update and some Stash

Hello Everyone; I hope all is well with you.

I almost forgot about my TUSAL for November.

Not a whole lot, but every little bit counts.

My 55th birthday was on Monday so I decided to get myself a couple of things I've been wanting. I used my Amazon cash that I've been getting for doing surveys online, so there was no out-of-pocket expense for me.

New clothes for my 30+ year old ironing board. I went with a Dritz Pressing Assistant, it will be a help with blocking all of my stitching smalls. I might add more padding under neath for a bit more cush. 

Then I picked out a tin filled with 100 of these little clips. 
They are just perfect for all of those smalls I need to finish off.
They are 1"L x 3/8"W x 1/2" T and the jaw opens 3/8". 
They don't distort the fabric like pins usually do and they hold tight.

I also got the hubs a box of 24 U-NO candy bars, they are his fav.
It has snowed again, it started Monday night and kept falling until Tuesday afternoon. Since the temps have been in the 30's and going to go up to the 40's I don't see it going it away anytime soon.

I'm using my laptop once again minus the battery, still haven't gotten a replacement, found one in Billings for $120, but if it works plugged in and I don't intend to take it anywhere, I'm ok with it just the way it is for now.
That's it for now, thank you all for stopping by.
Take Care Everyone
Hugs, Sandy 

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Spooky Hallowe'en

Wishing you all a very Happy Hallowe'en 
and a Blessed Samhain.
May many little ghosts, goblins, and witches grace your doorway with shouts of "Trick or Treat" and Happy Hallowe'en.

Unfortunately we don't get any little ghosts and witches here at the cabin, the last time we bought candy and left the porch light on we got one little imp shouting "Trick or Treat" and none the next year so we just quit buying candy. 
I still stitch for Hallowe'en and Autumn/Fall and decorate the inside of the house with fabric pumpkins, ghosts and bats. 
Autumn and it's holidays, after all, will always be my favorite with Winter/Christmas decorating as my second, even though I hate the snow.  

Hugs, Sandy

Friday, October 26, 2018

October 2018 Smalls SAL

Hello Friends, Hope you are all doing well. 

It's time once again for the Smalls SAL, and here is what I've been stitching.

 I stitched this little magnet using DMC's Coloris threads on 28 evenweave and used one coordinating thread from each one to make the cording. No chart for this one just stitched hearts.
"Samhain" by The Primitive Hare  
I finished as an ornament and added a cording of jute twine couched in place with a with the same DMC Color Variations thread that I used for the pumpkin. I wanted it to have a more primitive look.
Here is a shot of the back. I found this cute pumpkin fat quarter at Walmart for .97 cents.

I've been doing a lot of 'free hand" needlework since I don't have a printer yet and came up with this fall inspired piece with a little help from Lizzie Kate leaflet #543 "Gather a Harvest".

 I fell in love with the pumpkin on the end with the curly stem and fat black birdie, so I added one on each end of a scrap of 18 count rustic Aida then added a tall pumpkin in the middle using the same leaves then a couple of gourds in between with curly stems and baby black birdies. I added a saying that popped into my head while stitching with the help of an alphabet leaflet, then hand stitched the piece onto a some of the pumpkin fabric I bought, frayed the edges and added a bow. I backed it with a piece of yellow fabric I had in my stash.

This piece was stitched with my own hand-dyed threads and one DMC Color Variations.

That's it for now, so until next time.......

Take Care Everyone &
Have A Great Weekend
Hugs, Sandy

Monday, October 22, 2018

Cedarvale Ranch in Hillsboro, Montana

Hello Everyone, here is the final addition to our last camping trip of 2018.
Our campground was in Wyoming but only a short 30-45 minute drive to Montana where the remnants of the Cedarvale Ranch still stand.
Be fore warned that there are a lot of pictures for this one.

They let you know the length of your hike.
It's funny, because it was a harder hike going down to the town than it was going back to the truck on the same trail. I had to stop a couple of times on the way down and none on the way back.

On the way down to Cedarvale Ranch.
Each one of the signs has a bench to relax on if you don't want to take the full hike.
This is one of the old corral and stable areas.
A rustic hand made bench almost half way down to Hillsboro.

A couple of deer hiding in the tall grass just outside the town.

The start of the small community of Hillsboro, Montana.

The Hillsboro Post Office.

The Large Chicken Coop.

Eddy Hulbert's House and a small coop.

The Milk House

A bridge over the creek and the Root Cellar.
We couldn't get a good picture of the inside of the root cellar but had a place to hang thing, and lots of bins and a few shelves left over.
The Dude Cabin and the Blacksmiths Shop.
The Dude Cabin/Bunkhouse
The Blacksmiths Shop
You can see where the forge once sat in the corner.
 This bench is where Eddy Hulbert was said to do his silver work.

This is where the Barry's home once stood. It burned down during the winter of 1947-48.

There are a couple of picnic tables and this double sided bench that tells of the Cedarvale Ranch on one side and has a map of the ranch on the other side.

It's neat place to visit if your into old towns and ranches like we are.
Well that's it for this post, so until next time.......
Take Care Everyone
Hugs, Sandy


Friday, October 19, 2018

Bighorn Canyon & Ewing-Snell Historic Ranch

I'm back with the second post from our camping trip.
On Sunday Sept. 29th the second day of our camping trip we took a drive to the Bighorn Canyon.

Then we drove over to the Ewing-Snell Historic Ranch in Montana.

There wasn't a whole lot of things to see, but it is always amazing to see old historic places.
We also saw the group of does and fawns.
That's it for today, so until next time.......

Take Care Everyone
Hugs, Sandy