Sunday, July 04, 2021

Happy 4th of July


We're spending it outside of Lovell Wyoming camping and rockhounding by the river. It's hot, but better than sitting at home.

Take care & stay safe

Hugs, Sandy

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

I'm Still Here

 Just a note to let everyone know that I am still alive and well. 

I have very little to no stitching or needlework designing mojo going on, it has been this way for over a year. 

My laptop has been down for several months, Windows 10 did one of it's auto updates and then it wouldn't boot back up. Tried a few quick fixes that didn't work, now just waiting to get it into a shop to see if someone else can fix it. Don't know when that will be.

I had to start using the Hubs computer, which doesn't have all the stuff that was on mine, then it got worse. Updated his from Windows XP to Windows 10 and we lost all of our newer bookmarks and photo files. What a mess. 

No camping so far this year. The trucking company he works for was sold and with all the new changes and people quitting it has been a nightmare. He has had no time off unless it's been a paid holiday or the weekend.

We went rock hounding in Wyoming but it was so windy with blowing sand (I felt like I was in a sandblaster) and hot I forgot to take any pictures.

So if you want to see a bit of what we've been up to lately, stop by his YouTube and check out the new videos he's posted. Link's in the sidebar. 

 Until next time.....

Take Care and Stay Safe

Hugs, Sandy


Thursday, December 24, 2020

Monday, December 14, 2020

Trip #2 Big Horn Mountains

 I totally lost track of posting again, sorry about that.

Here are a few pic's from our August trip to the Big Horn Mountains...

Our campsite was amazing this time...

No cow's at this spot, just a small river, hiking trails and native wildlife.

Several deer showed up in the evening.

We had a few Grey Mountain Jay come calling through out the day.

And there were loads of squirrels chattering away and using the fence like their own private highway system. They had many stash areas for their pine cones through out the forest. One even decided to dig a hole in our outside carpet to try and hide a cone.

One evening this big guy showed up walking through our camp and down to the river for a wade and a snack.

There were trails to wander that either went up onto the hill or down along the the river. I never tired of walking them.

This went up the hill, not a lot to see up there just granite boulders and pine trees as we went farther there were hundreds of downed trees, some from the timber mill that used to be there and others from winter storms.

This trail led down along the river with views of the water as well as the granite formations that are all over the mountains.

This is what amounts to a beach up in the mountains, it's only about 5 feet wide.
Managed to get a picture of one of the trout we always saw jumping after bugs.

Several living trees that were reshaped by the snow during the winter.

Loved all the granite boulder formations, some even formed small caves but they didn't go back very far.

Saw several pines with burl's, but this one was by far the worst of them.
There was once a saw mill here and you can still find the garbage dumps as you walk the trails and some of the wood bits they used to move the logs.

We went for a ride in the Rhino one morning and it was quite chilly. This picture had my hubs laughing his butt off at me.
Yep, that's me all bundled up and tryin' to keep warm as we zip down the dirt roads. 

There were lots of places to boondock camp along this area, but there are always hundreds of places to boondock in the Big Horn Mountains and even several campgrounds. But if you need full hookups for camping you might be able to find that at Burgess Junction which is also one of the few places you can get WiFi.

On our way out we had to stop and empty the black and grey water tanks as all self contained camper have to. As we were leaving the dump station someone had left this amazing painted rock by the gate. We left it there for others to enjoy.
Hope you all enjoyed our second trip to the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming. We spent 8 wonderful days in August enjoying the cooler temps and being out in nature. Unfortunately, now I set at home with snow on the ground, lows in the teens and highs in the thirties, not to mention a head cold that came out of nowhere. Lots of rest and OJ for me.

Take Care Everyone
& Have a Merry Christmas
Hugs, Sandy

Monday, October 26, 2020

Big Horn Mountains July 2020

 Here's our first trip to the Big Horn Mountains for this year.

It was a new spot for us, our usual spot was destroyed when they decided to level everything out by bringing out truck loads of slide dirt. Ruined the spot and the dirt could have been put to better use on some of the really ruff roads in the mountains. 

It was a nice enough spot with a pretty view,  

every day brought horses & deer through the camp, which was nice,

 but it also brought COWS.
Big black, rubbing up against everything, tearing apart the fire pit (looking for salt in the wood ash), crapping everywhere COWS.
Here they are at the fire pit, had to keep our solar panels in the flatbed trailer so they didn't get trampled and the wires semi buried so they didn't get pulled on.

We had to chase them off a couple of times when we felt the 5th wheel shaking from them trying to scratch themselves on it. Once at around 9-10 pm and we were woken up once from the same thing. Because of the cows we most likely won't choose this area again.
It was great when the people parked behind our spot showed up, their daughter (maybe 7) was like a mini wrangler getting on her tiny dirt bike and chasing them off, all the while yelling yah, yah, and her little brother (maybe 5) running behind doing the same. That was just too cute and gave us a few chuckles. The parents were always right behind them keeping an eye out.
Some other campers showed up and one of their dogs would do the wrangling when he wasn't caught and stopped by his owner.
There were a couple of old log cabins in the valley and an old gold mining area.

That's all from this trip, only three more trips to post about.
Take Care & Stay Safe Everyone
Hugs, Sandy 

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Was Not Ready For This!

 I'm not at all happy about it, But this was my weekend....

Usually it holds off until close to the last week of the month, but not this year. Possibly more for the coming weekend with temps in the teens and low 20's-30's.

We were not ready for this fluffy white crap and had to scramble to winterize the 5th wheel, get all the freezable stuff from the storage compartments and inside. Took a couple hours for that, then on to the outbuildings and making sure the vehicles were good on the anti-freeze and the sand bags were in the back of the truck.  We still need to cover the Rhino, but the hubs has the keys to the shed with him 40 miles away, oh well, maybe after he gets home tonight.

We wanted to get in a couple of weekend camping trips, but so far it's not looking to promising. Oh well, we'll settle for a few day trips if we have to when the snow melts here and there.

That's for today, so until next post....

Take Care & Stay Safe Everyone

Hugs, Sandy