Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stitched Up One Of My Needle Roll Designs

I've been playing with my Pattern Maker Pro again and decided that I really need to start stitching some of the designs I've come up with instead of just designing my own and then stitching someone else's designs.
So without further ado, here is one of my Needle Roll designs laden with Hardanger, specialty stitches and beads.

Full view
Design: Heart & Vines Needle Roll
Designer: Sandy in MT
Fabric: 28ct. Amsterdam Blue (Blue Wing) Cashel Linen by Zweigart
Threads: DMC Color Variations 4150 Sand Dune in #5 Pearl Cotton and Cotton Floss
Beads: Mill Hill seed beads and petite beads in cream
Tied with 1/4" satin ribbon in cream

I am seriously thinking of submitting this design to one of the cross stitch magazines, but am not sure which one yet. I also have a needle case and scissor fob to match on the design board waiting for me to stitch them up.

Just want to let you all know, yet again, that I really do appreciate all of the lovely little notes that you leave behind in your visits. They keep me inspired to continue my designing and stitching endeavors.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

One More Scissor Fob Stitched

Well, in true me style, I just had to stitch up a scissor fob to match my newest needle roll. I took the center part of the needle roll and re-worked most of the pine and completely changed the little pine cones to make it fit within the outline from the Baby Shamrocks fob I stitched up last month. I really like my version of the little pine cones over the ones stitched on the needle roll.
Scissor Fob front (left) & back (right)
Whispers In The Pines
Designed using: The Sweetheart Tree & Me
Stitched on 30ct. raw linen using DMC & WDW threads and Mill Hill beads. DMC 500 & 644 were used for the cord & tassel.

I've also been working on the eagle for my DH, but won't have a picture until it's finished.
I think I really am trying to make up for 2008 (aka: the year of NO stitching).

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

My Third Needle Roll Finish

I just adore patterns by The Sweetheart Tree and have now modified two of her patterns to come up with what I wanted to stitch. I wanted to do a more rustic feeling needle roll, so I took a chart that I already had and used half of the bands to come up with what you see below.

Design: Whispers In The Pines
Designer: The Sweetheart Tree
Stitched On: 30ct. Natural Linen using DMC threads and WDW Mallard, Mill Hill beads, 1/4" satin ribbon and a Larch cone that was coated in real gold by my uncle who used to go into the mountains with his gold panning equipment.

Thank you for all of the little notes you have left behind as you have wandered down the dirt road that leads to my life. I treasure each and every one of them.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Rest In Peace Little Weasel

Last night at 11:30 pm my little Shelby Leigh left to go play across the Rainbow Bridge with her past ferret playmates Kirby, Harley, Sammy, Sallie & Sarah. I held her safely in my arms while she left. I will truly miss her little weasel kisses.

Shelby (top) & Sallie in the sun

Sarah Jo keeping Shelby warm (she lost a bit of fur due to age and adrenial issues)

Shelby Leigh Weaselson
14 February 2002 - 03 September 2009
You were truly loved and will be greatly missed.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I Almost Forgot About This Wee One!!

I just about forgot that I finished stitching "Little Bit O' Blarney" a couple of days prior to making the mini needle roll fob. I'm going to play around with this one to see if I can turn it into a scissor case. I think that will make a nice little sewing set with the companion Shamrock Needle Roll and Baby Shamrocks Scissor Fob.

Design: Little Bit O' Blarney
Designer: The Sweetheart Tree
Fabric: 32ct. linen
Threads & Embellishments: DMC, Mill Hill beads & white cats-eye luminescent heart
Stitches: Cross stitch, back stitch & satin stitch

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

A Stitchy Experiment

Now ever since I made my first needle roll a few weeks back I wondered if it would be possible to make a mini needle roll fob. I checked on the net and only found one design with a not so great picture, so knew they were out there.
I didn't give it much more thought until I saw Meari's latest blog post at Meari's Musings and saw her two little fobs hanging from her scissor/spoon display rack. Needless to say I got on my pattern maker program and started playing around with it until I came up with the design you see stitched up below.
I still need to work on some of the finishing if I plan to do more, but I don't think it's to bad of an out come for my first attempt. Maybe it should be smaller?

I stitched it on 28ct. white Monaco by Charles Craft with DMC threads and Mill Hill beads. I used Rhodes Heart's, Tent stitch, cross stitch and back stitch. I made the cord and tassel from DMC thread and tied it off with 1/16" purple ribbon. The design was only 2" square.

So, what do you think? Please be truthful, I can take it. I really appreciate all of the comments you leave behind after your visits. Thanks a bunch and Happy Stitching.