Saturday, September 12, 2009

One More Scissor Fob Stitched

Well, in true me style, I just had to stitch up a scissor fob to match my newest needle roll. I took the center part of the needle roll and re-worked most of the pine and completely changed the little pine cones to make it fit within the outline from the Baby Shamrocks fob I stitched up last month. I really like my version of the little pine cones over the ones stitched on the needle roll.
Scissor Fob front (left) & back (right)
Whispers In The Pines
Designed using: The Sweetheart Tree & Me
Stitched on 30ct. raw linen using DMC & WDW threads and Mill Hill beads. DMC 500 & 644 were used for the cord & tassel.

I've also been working on the eagle for my DH, but won't have a picture until it's finished.
I think I really am trying to make up for 2008 (aka: the year of NO stitching).


  1. Love the colors. I have yet to do a stitching roll and I have been stitching for years. I will have to try one soon.

    Cindy - NY

  2. This is very pretty and so is the needle roll.


  3. All your recent finishes are just beautiful.

  4. Love the fob! Great job.
    You really are making up for 2008

  5. That's really beautiful. I have to try one of thse some day

  6. Wow! another beautiful finish. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your ferret. (((HUGS))).

  7. Absolutely beautiful!!


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