Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Oh, the ways I would decorate outside of our home if only we got Trick or Treater's on this Halloween Night.
Watch out for all the little ghosts and goblins tonight everyone.
Hugs, Sandy

Friday, October 27, 2017

A Win & A Sunset

I a member of The Stitchers' Village and a month or so back they had a drawing for a fabric orphan so I entered and much to my surprise I won this beautiful 18"x27" piece of hand-dyed 16 count Aida from Picture This Plus.

Pretty shades of gray.
I think this would be perfect for a Halloween piece or smalls or even a stormy weather scene.

I caught the ending of the sunset the other evening.

Such a beautiful sight to see with the sun reflecting off the huge storm cloud above.

That's it for today, I'll try to get the pictures ready from our last camping trip to share this weekend.
So until next time.......

Take Care & Have a Great Weekend
Hugs, Sandy

Monday, October 23, 2017

Upper Sunshine Reservoir

Our second camping was to the Upper Sunshine Reservoir just outside of the town of Meeteetse  (pronounced: Ma-Teet-See) Wyoming. Next time we go back I want to take pictures of the town, but this trip they were holding Labor Day festivities which made for a lot more people than the towns under 400 people population.

It's a big lake with a couple of islands at the far end.

We were parked on one of the many peninsulas that jut out around the lake.

This was the view I had while cooking or doing dishes.

The reservoir is surrounded by the mountains, so the views were beautiful no matter which way you looked.

We spent from Aug. 27th to Sept. 2nd, an overall relaxing trip with great weather and always a cooling breeze coming off the lake again the smoke from the western Montana fires made for somewhat smoky skies.

On about our third day there a family that I can only think to describe as "white trash" parked on the peninsula across from us, there were four adults and six kids. Their trailer must not have had batteries since they ran their generator all day and all night and were loud around their campfire way past midnight. They yelled obscenities at any boaters with skiers or tubers being pulled behind because they were fishing, which I kind of understand, but it just made the a-hole boater pass closer and more often.
Oh, and their small old trailer must not have had a bathroom, because when I sat down at our table with the big window to have lunch the mother/grandmother walked to the end of the truck facing our trailer, dropped trough, parked her bare butt against the tire and took a pee, none of them cared if anyone saw them, then one of them brought out a homemade porta toilet the next day which they put on the side of the trailer facing the road out in the open where everyone could see, not even a tarp to shield it.
Even though we have had a few laughs about it since, it was a sight I had never seen in my whole life and hope to never see anything like it again.

Well that's it for this post, up next will be our last camping trip of the year.
So until next time..........

Take Care & Have a Great Day
Hugs, Sandy

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Camping in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming

Here are some pics from our first camping trip of 2017.
We started our trip on Aug. 17th my hubs birthday and the day we picked up our 5th wheel.

There were some beautiful views despite all the smoke from the fires in western Montana.

The hubs wanted to go climb around in the rocks and look for tipi rings and vision quest sites that have been there for ages.

 Tipi Ring there were quite a few in this area but this was one of the clearer ones.

 Vision Quest site on top of an overlook.

There were lots of strange rock formations.

 I dubbed this one "King Croc". Thought it looked like a giant crocodile.

 Rock Cairns that were used by freighters in the 1800's and 1900's to denote routes.

 Nature making it's own bridge.

I had never seen rocks like this before. 

Saw some wildlife.

 A couple of good sized bucks with their antlers still in the velvet. 
Thought he was way to cute peeking up over the boulder.

This Marmot actually stopped, turned and posed for the hubs when he asked if he could take his picture. After the pics we told him he was handsome and said thank you and he turned and went into his burrow that he is standing in front of under the rock. 

 Evidence that this area was once under water......

 Fossils of strange sea creatures forever in the rocks.

This was one of the best ones. 

There were lots of smaller fossils all through out the rocks and a few that resembled sand dollars.
You can click on the pics to see a bit more detail. 

When we were coming down off one of the mountains we took a pic of the camping area that was very popular, it looks like a small city of campers. We were not camped there but it was a very pretty area for camping.

That's it for the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming for this year. We went to areas we hadn't been to before and saw new things, it was a nice trip with good weather despite the smoke, we came back on Aug. 21st. Until next time..........

Take Care & Thanks for stopping by
Hugs, Sandy

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Fall Around the Cabin

Fall is rushing in here at the cabin, the leaves on our cotton-less cottonwood are a bright yellow and the wild plums are shades of reds and orange, but others like our black walnut trees and the honey locust are completely bare. 

 Peek-A-Boo view of one of the wild plums.

Cotton-less Cottonwood much more yellow than the picture shows.

 Lots of crunchy leaves on the side of the house.

Love sheets blowing in the Montana wind at the back of the house.

 The Wild Turkey Committee.

There is a family of seven that come to visit and eat bugs a few times a week.

A little Autumn Gift to stitch and hang from a knob or use as a pincushion. 
I found the saying on Pinterest with no author listed. 

You can use your favorite autumn colors for the leaves, or use my DMC choices...
black triangle - 728 - Topaz
black circle - 3012 - Khaki Green - Med. 
clear circle - 920 - Copper - Med.
X - 3853 - Autumn Gold - Dk.
Star - 3826 - Golden Brown
Leaves stems and veins one strand - 3371
Words were backstitched w/2 strands - 3012

Next up will be pictures from our camping trip in the Bighorn Mountains.

Take Care and Happy Stitchin'
Hugs, Sandy

Monday, October 16, 2017

It's Been a Looooong Time

It's been a long while since I last posted, but I'm still here just haven't had much to post about.
My crafting, stitching and sewing mojo has been on an extended vacation somewhere without me, and it wasn't until last month that I finally pulled out my sewing machine and sat down and used it. We didn't get around to planting a garden and our fruit trees did little to nothing so there was no canning this year to post about. 

We bought ourselves a vacation home on August 17th and by vacation home I mean a 27 foot 2002 Keystone Laredo 5th wheel trailer and a 1999 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel Pickup.

This is our first camping trip of 2017 up in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming. We opted for a dispersed camping spot instead of doing the paid campground, since all of the spaces were taken, happens a lot when it gets close to the end of camping season.

It has a single super slide 14'-16' long and a rear seating area where we rearranged the furniture and put the dinning table and chairs so morning coffee and breakfast as well as dinner could be done enjoying the view and any wildlife that happened by.

We moved the two swivel/rocking chairs that were at the back up by the entertainment center area so we could move them around to watch a movie if we wanted to. This trip we only had our 10" potable movie player and had to sit close to see and hear the movie. I mostly just read or played Solitaire at the table.

I used the Mainstays comforter that the RV dealer put on the bed to cover the ugly black Mainstays couch that replaced the original sofa bed the first owners had removed. The black just stood out to much with the rest of the living area being green, sage, tans and browns.

It has a good kitchen with a three burner stove, double sink, 8 cubic foot refer/freezer and a microwave. Three drawers for cooking utensils and lots of cupboard space even a pantry cupboard next to the refer. Of course, being only 5'4" I can't reach the cupboards above the refer and the micro.

It has a queen size bed with nightstands on either side and storage under the bed. Storage above the bed and a big closet with drawers under.

It also has a sink and medicine cabinet next to the closet and a bathroom with toilet and shower and a big linen closet across from the sink.

I used my sewing machine after this trip to make two pillow covers for the pillows on the chairs and a pair of blackout curtains in the bedroom.

I've had the fabric for the pillows for over twenty years and have smaller versions that I plan to make into potholders over the winter. Yes I want to go with a Woodland style vibe for our trailer so there will be other changes made over time.

Well, that's it for this post I'll post pictures from our other two camping trips in the next few days. So until then.........

Take Care and
Happy Fall Everyone
Hugs, Sandy