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Saturday, April 02, 2022

No More Laptop

 Well it is official now.

 We finally got my laptop into a shop to have it looked at, it seems the hard drive was starting to die. Hubs had them pull the hard drive and trash the rest. Having a new hard drive put in + getting everything copied over would have cost as much as the laptop cost new. So there will eventually be a new laptop in my future.

We have been able to down load all the info from it on to our desk top computer. Now I'll begin the task of going through it and getting rid of old info and other stuff I'm no longer interested in.

Will have to reload my Pattern Maker program to see if I can access my old cross stitch patterns. Still have no interest in doing any type of needlework or needlework designing, oh well maybe someday it will come back. The closest I've gotten is sewing and darning socks. ; }

Think I will start going through my needlework supplies and seeing what I want to get rid of, so many threads and fabrics, plus misc stitching stuff. It's amazing just how much stuff I've accumulated over the decades.

Well that's just a bit of what's been going on in my neck of the woods, we're doing good and hope you all are staying safe and healthy.

Take Care All

Hugs, Sandy