Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Another Week In the Big Horn Mountains

Hello All, we got back from our last camping trip to the beautiful Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming on Sunday, August 19. We set out at 6:30 am on Tuesday, August 14th and after stopping to fill the water tank up on the mountain, we found the same dispersed (free/boondockin') campsite as the last trip. This is starting to be our go-to campsite and will be even better when we get solar set up on the RV to charge the batteries since it is out in full sun. This is our last camping trip to the Big Horns for the season.

The trip started out fine but the truck wouldn't let the hubs fuel up except at a trickle when we stopped in Gray Bull, Wyoming, and by the time we got home the fed me indicator light was screamin' at him. The trucks at our local mechanic and he thinks it's either a plugged filter or the roll over sensor might have died either of which could be the culprit.

The weather was beautiful until late Friday night. Then it was high winds, lightening, thunder and pouring rain, then rain off and on all day Saturday and into the night. It stopped raining long enough on Sunday afternoon for us to hookup, dump the gray and black water tanks then stop to fill the 5 gallon fuel can and trickle some diesel into the truck before headin' back down the mountain.  

Here are a few pictures from around the campsite.....

We even parked in the same position as the last trip.
Looking down into the valley with it's dry creeks.

The Hubs found some rock formations that were granite and clear quartz.

We took a few smaller pieces home to add to the other rocks around the cabin.

I found a couple of  interesting plants.
These wee cuties were scattered about along with some wee sage colored ground cover.

I called these "Fairy Rings" they grow in perfect circles with a space in the middle. They are probably much nicer in the Spring/Early Summer.

We were Graced with a beautiful Sunset on Thursday evening.
The round ball in the background on the top of Medicine Mountain is an FAA Radar Dome.
I've wondered what it was for years and just came across it last night.
"Black Walnut Update"
We found out that the Black Walnut fell because a wood pecker had made a hole/nest in the tree years before and enough rain had soaked in through the years and rotted the trunk until it just couldn't take the weight any longer. 
Luckily when we got back home all of the other trees around the Cabin were still in their upright positions.  
I did get quite a bit of stitchin' in on the last two trips and have several smalls to show later on.
All of the smalls I've designed and stitched will be made into things to add a personal touch to the Rolling Vacation Home. I even made a piece to hang in the bathroom.

So, until next time.......

Take Care & Enjoy Life
Hugs, Sandy


  1. Another nice getaway for the both of you. Hope it doesn't cost an arm and a leg to get the truck fixed. Looking forward to seeing your finishes.

  2. So you can just drive up in the mountains and park anywhere to camp?

    1. For the most part, yes. There are places that are posted no camping and others that you have to be 1/4 mile from the road way and there is a 14 day limit. But up in the Big Horn Mountains people tend to pull their trailers up there and leave them for the summer, even $60,000 5th wheels and where we were camped someone left their Mercedes Benz camping van parked there for 3 weeks and we never saw them either trip.

  3. Sandy, thanks for the update on your Black Walnut tree! Also, thank you for taking us along on your trip to Big Horn. What beautiful country! I hope the truck issue is an easy fix.


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