Monday, October 05, 2009

Our Jeep's

We found out from our insurance company that our yellow Jeep aka: Tonka Toy was totaled in an accident back in January several months before we bought it, so, you guessed it, they wouldn't cover the repair cost's.
We did get some cash back from them after the buyback fee, so my DH did all the work and got our Tonka Toy back in to drivable condition with a few upgrades.
Here are some before deer damage, deer damage, & after repairs photo's.

His first photo back in May when DH brought Tonka home.

Taken in August after a Kamakazie Deer popped out in front our Jeep. Not a pretty sight.

After my DH replaced the header, grill, headlights, & bumper. New beefier steel bumper with a winch, he's now on the look out for a suitable grill guard to mount on the bumper. He added a roof rack in July and now has our Hi-Lift jack and a shovel mounted on the side's.
I think he looks great!
That's my Lil' Jeep next to Tonka we got him running on Friday, but he wouldn't start with out DH's help on Sunday so I took him for a drive around town for a bit and now he won't start again this morning. We really don't want to have to scrap him, but also don't want to put a whole lot of money into him either, He's a 1994 and has over 200 thousand miles on him, so DH will have to decide what to do next.


  1. Amazing how much damage a deer can do, isn't it? Did you know the Tonka was totaled before you bought it?

  2. Wow! Your DH did a wonderful job on the repairs! One little deer, can change things forever.


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