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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Old Stitching = New Finishes

I've been working on getting some of my older pieces finished up so they are no longer orphands in a box. I managed to get two of them done. I still have several more to figure out what I want to do with them.

Design: Welcome Autumn
My own concoction using parts (pumpkins & indian corn) from Cross Stitching Country Magazine. It was stitched in 2006 on 14ct. aida by Charles Craft using DMC and Wildflowers threads.
I finished it as a Bell Pull and added more of those great Jesse James Company buttons.

Designer: Sandy In Montana
It was stitched in 2007 on 28ct. Monaco by Charles Craft using Wildflowers thread.
I was going to finish it as a Biscornu, but made it into a coaster/tray instead.


  1. I really like the Welcome Autumn piece. The coaster is very nice too.

  2. I enjoyed stopping by your blog. Love seeing your fur babies too!

    I'm just learning to cross stitch. It's a little intimidating seeing all you 'experts' but also inspiring.

    God bless.

  3. Cute finishes Sandy. I have never tried a bell pull before, yours looks great. I'll have to give it a go :-)

  4. Like the coaster you designed. It is very lovely. Love how the colors just melt into wach other. The wall hanging/bell pull is nice as well. Just in time for Halloween.

  5. Welcome Autumn is really cute. Great finish!

  6. Nice finishes. It always seems like a 2nd accomplishment when our pieces are actually finished into something to display!


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