Friday, October 30, 2009

Memory Ornament Chart

Here is a chart for making the "In Loving Memory" needle roll ornament. I chose not to list the colors I used so that you can make this a custom piece using your loved ones favorite colors. The black dots are for french knots or beads. The long black lines are for name and date placement only, do not stitch them. The alphabet is for personalization and is not part of the design. This chart uses a Half Diamond Eyelet.
This site has great instructions for doing specialty stitches:

(just click, print and stitch)

All I ask in return is that you stitch this up and post a picture on your blog or photo album so I can see how yours turned out.


  1. Thank you for sharing. Your's turned out just beautiful.

  2. It is so nice of you to share. My mother passed away last year in May and plan to make it in rememberce of her. Thank You so much.
    ~Mary in TX - ILCS


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