Monday, July 29, 2013

At Last Another Stitchie Update

I've finally done a bit of stitchin' this year, unfortunately it's only been this one piece. It's cute and oh so primitive, I just LOVE it and have a few more I want to stitch.
Sampler Pear VI
A freebie from Samplers-And-Santas blog.
It's stitched on 28ct. Natural Linen using DMC Threads.
The line around the pear is where I intend to hand stitch it before stuffing it as a pin pillow.

I did manage to do a little stash shopping this month. Stitchin' stuff around Billings, Montana is in short supply lately. I hadn't been in Micheal's, Hobby Lobby or the new Jo-Ann's Superstore in quite a while, but was not really surprised by the lack HUGE lack of stitching supplies available. Micheal's and Hobby Lobby have dropped almost all of their DMC specialty threads and Pearl Cottons as well as any Mill Hill beads they used to carry. Hobby Lobby has added some of the Sullivans threads and supplies.

 This is my total haul from all three stores minus the one pack of Mill Hill beads I already put away. The 28ct. fabrics, Pearl Cottons and Milliners needles came from Jo-Ann's.

 These beautiful Sullivan's Scissors came from Hobby Lobby.

 This totally adorable bank came from Micheal's. 
I have a thing for the old sewing machines ya know.

I'm still really concentrating on getting my Genealogy done up on as well as on my computer. My hubby bought us a newer version of Family Tree Maker that you can download what you've put on to the Family Tree program, which will be a Godsend if my computer ever has problems. 
I've put my Genealogy on my old computer at least 4 times and every time it went down I lost everything, even the back up disks had problems and I had to start over.
This year my Hubby put together a brand new computer for me, I'll have to take pic's of it later, since I always forget when I have the camera out. He likes to start from scratch and buy the pieces he wants in them instead of buying one at Wal-Mart, takes a bit longer, but I have a much better computer that he can upgrade it when he needs to.

Well, that's it for now, hopefully there will be more stitching in my future.

Take Care All and Happy Stitchin'
Hugs.....Sandy in Montana


  1. Love your new stash, especially those scissors. I've been disappointed by our Hobby Lobby discontinuing their DMC specialty threads. I'm not too fond of Hobby Lobby's brand of specialty threads.

    My hubby likes to build his own computers too.

  2. The new stash is great, I love the scissors. We have a new Hobby Lobby about a 30 minute drive from me. I guess I am going to have to go for a ride and check it out. Your little pear is cute. Your genealogy sounds interesting. I have always wanted to do something like that but hear it is a lot of work. Take care

  3. It’s so frustrating when you hit the shops ready to splash out on stash and then can’t find much you want to buy, isn’t it.

    It’s just the same here in the UK when I visit Hobbycraft, not very much and what they do have seems to be in no order at all. I now do most of my stash shopping on line now or at the craft shows when I manage to get to them but it’s not as much fun and seeing and feeling what you’re buying.

    I do love the shades of threads you brought thought and your stitching is so sweet.

    Happy Stitching!

  4. I like your pear. Looking forward to see it finished. Cami

  5. Your pear is beautiful. Great job!
    I love the scissors you got and the rest of your stash.

  6. I love your pear. We have a JoAnn's and Pat Catan's in town. They don't carry much in the way of stitching things. Luckily, there is a small LNS about 20 minutes from my home that carries tons of wonderful threads, fabrics, etc. I love it!

  7. The pear is very pretty. It's one of my favourite pear designs from Marly.

    I like those scissors and that sewing machine bank - totally cool.

  8. Oh, wow! What a great stash, I love the sewing machines. That's my other hobby :) Love the pear also!

  9. Love the new stash! Always fun! I l love your finish, it is divine

  10. Love your pear! New stash is always fun! That sewing machine bank is too cute!

  11. hi! i absolutely love your blog- its beautifully written and very engaging. i love the layout too.

    it would mean a lot if you could check out my blog- i am searching for a 1000 things to do in a lifetime and then giving them a go for myself. :)

  12. Love the bank! Nice stashing :)

    Congrats on your finish. It *is* adorable.


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