Saturday, July 19, 2014

A New Stitchin' Light

I haven't been able to stitch for the last couple of weeks because my stitchin' lamp decided that it no longer wanted to turn on. The hubs fiddled with it for an hour and still no light, he wants to replace the switch to see if that works.

So, the Hubs told me "let loose on the internet" and check out OttLites.  I found Jo-Ann's was having a sale on all OttLite's and bulbs at the time, so after perusing their site for a while and comparing to OttLites own site (they were having a sale also) I ordered a new light and bulbs for less than the retail cost of the light alone. Plus I received free shipping with an online coupon, and I live in a sales tax free state.

Here is my brand new OttLite !!

Love the tray. The rectangle compartment next to the pincushion is magnetic. I've already started thinking of a design to stitch to cover the ugly gray/brown pincushion.
Not one, not two, not three, but four replacement bulbs. 
The hubs tends to err on the side of caution (more is better) when getting bulbs for specialty lighting.

I wanted to get the pattern holder attachment, but alas Jo-Ann's didn't seem to have it, so maybe at a later date.

Thank you for stopping by.

Take Care & Happy Stitchin' Everyone
Hugs, Sandy


  1. Great new light! Those compartments look handy, and that is so neat one is magnetized. ~Jessica

  2. Those bulbs should last you the rest of your life! I bought my Ott-light in 1994 and I've replaced the bulb twice!

  3. What a brilliant new purchase. Hope you enjoy it. xx

  4. A great new purchase for an essential piece of equipment.

  5. Nice new light! Hope it is working for you, I love my Otts!


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