Monday, August 11, 2014

A New Toy

Sometimes prayers are answered in a strange way.

For years now I have been asking my DH for a treadmill to replace the very annoying and old stair stepper that I have been using off and on.

It is ancient and was used when we got it over 10 years ago.
I had given up on trying to get the big guy to give in and get me a treadmill, he would usually just say I can get those on Craig's List for $100, but never got around to getting one.

Well last week on Wednesday he comes home from work and tells me that he got something from work that was going to be thrown in the trash and wanted to know if I wanted it.
He opens the back of the Jeep and the entire back is filled with a very large cardboard box, the tag on the box read "Strider". We left in the Jeep over night since we needed to figure out what it was and where we would put it.

Thursday evening he wrangled the box out of the back of the Jeep, it weighed nearly 200 pounds, after we got in the house and put together, this is what I got.

"Freemotion f 5.6 Elliptical Strider"

The "Beast" is 5' 5" tall, that's two inches taller than I am. It's HUGE!!!
It plugs in and has a console that tells you how long and how fast you've been going. You can plug in an iPod or CD player into it, it has a two speed fan and a book/magazine holder. If you grab the side bars it even reads your pulse rate.
The "Beast" retails for a whopping $1295.00. Our price, just the cost of gas to get it home.

It had been sitting at work in the OS&D pile for almost a year.
I started using it the next day on Friday and yeah I was sore on Saturday morning, but got right back on. I love it, it's fun to use, and will find a permanent spot either in the living room or my craft room soon, just need to do some rearranging. Should make my doctor happy, he keeps telling me I need to loose weight because of my "high blood pressure". 

Yes, I thanked GOD for having the big guy bring this home and not letting it get thrown out.

Take Care Everyone and have a Blessed Day
Hugs, Sandy 


  1. Wow, I can't believe no one claimed it. Happy for you!

  2. How cool that your hubby got it for you and it didn't cost you a dime. Even better that you enjoy using it!

  3. Wow and they were going to throw it out! Good job it found a new home.


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