Tuesday, September 02, 2014

A New Light for Stitchin' when Campin'

Went to Jo-Ann's  on Saturday and got a new light so I can take my stitchin' with me when we go campin'. It was $34.99 but was on sale at 50% off so only cost me #17.49.

"Mighty Bright Vusion"

This has a light with two LED bulbs that you can use either together or just one depending on how bright you need it, it also has a small magnifier, both on very flexible arms. It has a base with a powerful magnet that also acts as a weight so you can sit it on a table or attach it to a metal wall/pole. It has a clamp that removes from the base that can be used on hoops, Q-Snaps or my wonderful scroll frames.  

This is going to be great for small 6" to 8" scroll frame projects possibly even 10". I really wouldn't want to take anything larger than that campin' and the 10" would be pushin' it.

Now I just need to go threw my sewing fabrics and make a bag for it and two small draw string bags for the light and magnifier. Will be lining both draw string bags with flannel to keep them from getting scratched.

That's it for today everyone. Thank you so much for stoppin' by, so until next time....

Take Care & Happy Stitchin'
Hugs, Sandy

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  1. Have you tested it out? I'm curious as to how well it works. Is it bright enough?


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