Sunday, December 17, 2017

A Little Bit of Christmas at the Cabin

There is snow on the ground again and it looks like it may be sticking around till Christmas.

I finally got around to adding a bit of Christmas to the Cabin. 

 A simple artificial pine wreath with pine cones from my yard and a red wire edged ribbon. The ribbon can be cross stitched on as it has a weave that is close to 14 count. I got it at Walmart about 5 years back I think, when it was on clearance. Simple rustic country.

This is Bart he sits next to our front door, I thought he could use a little Christmas cheer, so I went through my craft stash and fired up the glue gun. Small straw wreath and some green tartan ribbon from a thrift store and some pine cones from a neighbor's yard held on by some jute twine that I always have in the craft room. He needs another coat of linseed oil this summer.

These are our Rustic Santa's on the bottom mantle of our fire place and one of our Angles. On the top mantle are two Santa's from my mother-in-law.

Mountain Man Santa had an empty hand and I had three different rifle style lighters that no longer worked, I sent pictures of him holding each one to the Hubs and he choose the Double Barrel Shotgun. Very suitable for the Mountain Man Santa that he is.

This is the very first Santa that we picked out in 1998, we drove to several stores in Billings just to find a Santa, not many stores had them or they were the cheap mass produced one's.

This is our second Angel. She has feathered wings.

Santa of the Forest,
we love this piece and keep him up all year long. He won First Place at the Montana State Fair in 2006.

Santa with a sack full of toys, stitched in 2004, so many 1/4 stitches I almost gave up on more than one occasion.

And last but not least is my Nativity Set, although I'm not a church going type I do carry on this one family tradition from my childhood. 

There is one of my stitched mini pillows from a couple years ago and a rustic fabric tree I'm working on, I still have two more to make in different sizes. More rustic country for the cabin.

That's all I have out for this year, didn't have room for the tree but hope to have things sorted and moved around by next December so I can put the tree up once again.

Merry Christmas Everyone
may the day be filled with Love, Joy & Blessing for you and your families.

Hugs, Sandy


  1. What great decorations, and Santas too!
    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas.

  2. Sandie, your cabin looks beautiful and your stitching is wonderful!

  3. Sandy, I enjoyed your picture tour of your holiday décor. Love the simple elegance of your wreath and Bart made me chuckle. Have a joy-filled Christmas!

  4. Beautiful! Have a Merry Christmas!

  5. Love all your decorations Sandy !! Your stitching is also lovely !!

  6. Very nice decor, Sandy. Love the wreath.


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