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Friday, May 01, 2009

Frog Day Afternoon & a New JEEP

I thought that I had made a good start on my second ornament for the ACS (American Cancer Society) tree. But I was WRONG! The frogs started hoppin off of their lily pads and tap dancin all over my stitchin. I ripped it all out and started again, their still dancin, ripped it again, man can those frogs dance, ripped it again. If I have to do this one more time I'm getting a gun and having frog legs for dinner. We'll see how it is later this evening, maybe I'll try again.

Yesterday evening my DH came home with a new JEEP. Our other one has hit the 200,000 mile mark and is starting to get fix-it-itus. Mostly just little things but they all add up.

Our New Jeep (It's so bright you gotta wear shades) after my DH took me for a ride on the back roads ( yep, that's MUD):


  1. Great new jeep. Hope the frogs are leaving you alone from now on

  2. Maybe you could use the new Jeep to run the frogs over-but then you couldn't have frog legs. Welcome to blogging.

  3. Congrats on the new jeep. You'll certainly see him coming it that one.

  4. congrats on the jeep, and welcome in the world of blogging.
    Katrien - ILCS

  5. Too kewl! Love the jeep and sure miss the mud days of my life! I hope the frogs have left you now!

  6. Nice jeep! Sorry about all those darn frogs, hopefully they have run/hopped for the hills now!

  7. So glad I found another JEEP lover - everyone in my family hates my JEEP (even DH) but I love her more and more every day :)



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