Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Antique Sewing Machines

Since I've been in much more of a sewing mood I thought I would share pictures of my three very "Elegant Ladies".
Two are Singer's and bot
h function but need some parts to make them sewing members of the family. The third is a Western Electric and will never be functional but is still very beautiful.

You can click the pictures to get a better view.

Elegant Lady #1
This is my Singer Treadle machine, I had wanted one forever and when we first moved to Montana it was a house warming gift from my DH. It just needs the long belt replaced and the base of the metal thread spool pin trimmed down so it can be used.

Elegant Lady #2
This is my Singer Electric machine, I have no idea what model this one is, it came in it's original cabinet, but with no paperwork. This one runs, but needs a lot of cleaning and some work to make it functiona
l. The paint is really ruff on it, but I just love the look of the older Singer machines.

Elegant Lady #3

This is my Western Electric table top model, unfortunately she will never be a sewing member of the family. There are far too many parts needed, like the power cord and all the accessories, but she looks great in my sewing/craft room.

I would have loved to have any one of theses elegant ladies up and stitching this past weekend when my eight year old Brother XL-5340 decided it needed a vacation not once, not twice, but three times over the past four days. I got her fixed up and she's back in sewing order, but I think a servicing/cleaning trip may be in order soon.

Have A Great Day Everyone
Hugs and Stitches ..... Sandy


  1. What a grand display, they are the backbone of a woman's life way back when. Thanks for sharing.
    Be always in stitches.

  2. Wow, those are great, even if they never work they look beautiful in your craft room.

  3. Love them! I have a Singer like #3 and she still works, came in a holder and you take it out,and put on the table, I guess it's a table model!
    They are beautiful, glad they had a home to go to.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing those with us. I love the old singer machines as well and was lucky enough to buy from a guy in a parking lot for $40 about 10 years ago. I was so excited that I forgot I was in my car and had no way to get it home. He was nice enough to drop it off at no charge. I loved it then and still love it now.

  5. Bringss back memories of my Grandma sewing for me. Thanks, Sandy. Wanda in Edmonton

  6. Yoy can find a serial numbre on Singer machines, enter that numbre on the official Singer site and you will find type and year of "building"of your machine. You can also find manuals for the machines, they are mostly free. Only work on sewingmachines not attached to any electricity and only at roomtemperature and with real sewingmachineoil.


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