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Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Sewing Machine Is Getting A Workout

I've been using my sewing machine a lot lately, and this is the latest fruit of my labor.
You can find the tutorial for this project here:

It's a sewing organizer with a removable scrap bag, pocket panel and pincushion.
The pincushion is 9" long and has a weighted bag in the bottom to keep it on the table or on the arm of your sofa or chair.

You can make this using two fat quarters of fabric and some flannel.
It called for wool felt for the center strip on the pincushion but I used flannel.
The weighted bag is filled with dry rice, but you could use sand or dried beans to weight it down. I even made a strawberry emery for my sewing snips out of a couple of leftover scraps.

Thank you all for stopping by my little corner of the world and leaving a piece of yourself behind, I always love reading your comments.

Take Care Everyone
Hugs and Stitches ...... Sandy


  1. Oh my goodness Sandy!! I love this!!! I have one that is similar but not with all those extra pockets. Yours turned out so nice!:)

  2. Thanks for the tuorial. Congrats!! Your version is very nice.

  3. That is a great sewing organizer. Wanda in Edmonton

  4. Love the design. And the fabby is totally awesome too!

  5. I love it! It is very beautiful!

  6. This is a very useful item, I love the cotton reel fabric you've used. I love using my sewing machine too.

  7. Love your organiser and thanks for the the link.

  8. Very nice, used to be able to sew, don't know what happened.

  9. Every time I see one of these I think I"m going to get one made for myself. Yours is so cute! You did a GREAT job! More incentive for me...thanks for sharing!

  10. Sandy I just LOVE your caddy. I have been looking for something like this for ages! Yours looks perfect.

  11. Great organiser, love the fabric!

  12. Wow! That is so cool! Congratulations on your finish! You always do such beautiful work!


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