Friday, May 27, 2011

Little Lace Hardanger & Tree Of Stitches

I want to thank everyone for the wonderful comments you left after my last post and for all the great advice on ways to deal with it. I did do a copious amount of rinsing on the piece, but when I posted about it, I had already removed all of the beading and cut my signature out of the piece, before sending it on it's way to "stitch disaster Heaven" aka; the trash.

Little Lace Hardanger

I finished the second version of "Little Lace" by Abi Gurden of The Stitch Specialists
yahoo group. It turned out much better after washing than the first one, just not as colorful.

"Little Lace" by Abi Gurden
Stitched on 22ct. white Hardanger using DMC #5 & #8 in 931
and Mill Hill beads in "Gun Metal"
Finished: 25 May 2011

And here is the finished Needle Roll.

Finished: 26 May 2011
I did a pulled thread area for the ribbon to be woven into, and finished the ends with a pin stitched hem. It finished out at 10 inches so it's fairly big for a needle roll, but I just love it.

Tree Of Stitches

I finished part 10 today and am still loving this piece.

"Tree Of Stitches" by Abi Gurden
Being stitched on 28ct. evenweave in a marbled light blue.
I'm using threads that I have hand-dyed myself.
"Walnut" for the trunk is a medium dark chocolate brown,
"Burnished Leaves" for parts of the foliage is an olive green with hints of golden orange,
"Winter Sage" for parts of the foliage is a gray green &
"Sunshine" is an orange.
I'm using Delica beads in "Bronze Luster" & Bronze Gold Luster" so far unless I change my mind like I did today.

Take Care & Happy Stitching
Hugs, Sandy


  1. Love your idea for the needleroll and your "Tree of Stitches".....



  2. They are both lovely! I have both kitted up and ready to start after I finish a couple things! Can't wait to see more!

  3. Both projects look good. Can't wait to see Tree of Stitches finished. They are all beautiful. And your hardanger is gorgeous!!

  4. Love your needle roll and your progress on the tree of stitches.


  5. Very speedy Sandy. Love your repeat hardanger and it lovely finish. Your tree of stitches is looking great, your hand dyed threads look great.

  6. Your finished needle roll looks great. It will make up for the disaster with the first one.
    Your tree looks wonderful. I can see why you're still loving stitching on it.

  7. Lovely pictures - thanks for sharing them x

  8. both of your projects look great!

  9. Beautiful needleroll.
    Your SAL is stunning

  10. Beautiful stitching! Your NR looks great.

  11. Pretty blue for the needleroll and Tree of Stitches is coming along nicely.

  12. Great stitching! I love the tree piece!

  13. Really lovely stitching, so sorry about your disaster. But it has happened to us all.

    Mary Louise in IN

  14. Your needleroll turned out beautifully.

  15. Lovely redone needleroll and your tree has great colors in it.

  16. WOW! Your needle roll is beautiful! Well done. Your Tree of stitches is looking good also. I'm still only at the beginning, but there is still time to try and catch up.

    Take Care and Happy Stitching

    Mary Joan


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