Sunday, May 01, 2011

Part 8 of "Tree Of Stitches" is Done.

"Tree of Stitches" Part 8
I finally chose to do this part in "Sunshine" as it is the base color for "Burnished Leaves" so I thought it would be a good fit.
This was, of course, my fourth attempt at getting the color I liked. I tried out the green first and pulled it all out, then I went on to "Old Lace" an antiqued white, ivory, beige mix for a Dogwood/Magnolia feel and added cream beads. I stared at it off and on for a couple of days before pulling the beads and trying the Gold Luster beads, still didn't like it, so I pulled everything and started over with "Sunshine" then added the Gold Luster beads. It's been finished since April 28th and I still like the look; so it's a keeper.

"Tree of Stitches"
Designed by: Abi Gurden

I've also started working on the "Little Lace Hardanger" SAL in the same group, but no picture yet.

I want to thank everyone for all of the wonderful thoughts you leave behind after your visits, I know I don't say it nearly enough, so Thank You all from the bottom of my heart.

To answer a couple of questions I've had lately.
Yes, I will be selling my hand-dyed threads as soon as mother nature and my photography abilities are on the same page.
Yes, my designs are for sale, I have to work out what would be a reasonable price for a printed chart, haven't figured out yet how to send a PDF chart in an email. I also want to put some of the larger charts on Cross Stitch Addicts, of course, after I work out the whole PDF issue.

Well until next time dear stitchers.
Take Care & Happy Stitchin'
Hugs, Sandy


  1. Your Tree of Stitches looks Great!!
    I look forward to seeing your Hardanger too. I'd be glad to show you how to convert to PDF files.
    email me here:

  2. That is just the neatest design!

  3. I love your Tree of Stitches. It's turning out beautifully!! Keep up the good work. And cant' wait to see the floss you have for sale.

  4. The tree is so pretty, you are coming along nicely. Almost wish I had joined this one.

  5. Beautifull!!!
    Best regards

  6. Your tree of stitches is looking great, lovely use of colours.

  7. Ohhh....that tree is gorgeous!!!

  8. Your Tree of Stitches is looking good. I like your colour combination.

  9. That looks beautiful.


  10. Wow its lovely well done. Look forward to seeing your items for sale x

  11. Love the colors for your tree, I'm still waiting for my fabric to come in! It's beautiful!

  12. Love the coloring of your Tree of Stitches. Which colors are you using? I don't have any LNS and I am isolated except for the web for learning and seeing many sitchy items. That is unless I travel and then I am overwhelmed by all the possibilities available.
    Your TOS SAL is beautiful so far.

  13. I love your tree of stitches! It looks fabulous. I am only up to the 4th part - you are inspiring me to put down my current project and catch up on this one :o)

  14. your Tree of stitches looks awesome

  15. The tree is very pretty, glad that you finally came across the combination that was right for you!

  16. Sandy, You tree looks fantastic! Makes me wish I had found the SAL sooner and jointed. I think it will be fantastic when it's complete.

  17. Thanks for leading me into temptation; I just joined Tree of Stitches. You work is beautiful as always, and you thread dying skills are wonderful.


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