Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Primitive Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial

Primitive Fabric Pumpkins

What You Need:


1/4 to 1/2 yard Fabric of choice (enough to fit circle template)
Fiber-Fill to stuff pumpkin
Crochet Cotton or strong thread to gather top of pumpkin

Weight Bag
1/4 yard fabric for weight bag and a 6"-8" circle template or a Ziploc baggie
dry rice, dry beans or sand to fill weight bag
(weight bag is optional)

Felt for leaves
Embroidery Floss to stitch leaves
Batting or stuffing for leaves (optional)
Leaf Template

Stem and Vines
Piece of branch trimmed from your tree
Jute Twine (two ply for stem, three ply for vines)
Craft/White Glue


Marker, Glue Gun, Sewing Machine, Fabric Flowers

What To Do:

1. Prepare your fabric. If your going to be tea or coffee staining or hand-dyeing your fabric it needs to be washed first. If not, there is no need to wash as the pumpkins are not washable, toys or child safe (to many little bits and jute).
You will need to iron the fabric to remove wrinkles or fold lines.

2. If using one, now is the time to make your weighted bag. Cut out two 6" or 8" circles of scrap fabric, nothing fancy it won't be seen. Using a sewing machine, stitch using a 1/4" to 1/2" seam leaving a 2" opening. Add the rice, beans, sand, etc. then finish stitching the opening closed.

3. Mark and cut out your circle for the pumpkin. Remember the pumpkin will be around half the size of your original circle. A 16" circle will make about an 8" pumpkin.

4. Using a doubled length of crochet cotton knotted on the end, baste 1/4" to 1/2" from the edge, all the way around. Start to lightly gather the opening.

5. If using one add the weighted bag with a layer of stuffing under neath. start to add stuffing to the pumpkin while gathering the top.

6. When you have the pumpkin stuffed gather the top as closed as possible without breaking the thread (you may need an extra pair of hands for this). At this point you can add extra stuffing to even out the sides to get the look you want. I use either my finger a wooden chopstick or a crochet hook to get the extra stuffing where I need it.

7. Using a Pearl Cotton or other heavy thread and a long needle (mine's 3-1/2") make the wedge shapes as shown by running your needle either from the top or bottom middle through the pumpkin and back out, pulling snugly to make the indentations. I start at the bottom so I can tie off the thread at the top where it will be covered later. There should be 8 wedge shapes when your done. Tie off the thread. You can add a button or felt circle to hide where the threads gather at the bottom.

8. Gather up your supplies to embellish your pumpkin. Stem, Jute, Felt Leaves and hand made Fabric Flowers. I use two ply jute to wrap the stems (optional) and three ply for the vines. I cut leaf shapes out of felt (two for each leaf) then buttonhole stitch around the edge and lightly stuff, then hand stitch the veins for the leaves.

9. Using a glue gun add a generous amount of hot glue to the center of the opening and add the stem, holding until set. Using the thee ply jute, cut a couple of lengths for the vines, knot one end and unravel the plies then glue in place.
To make a Jute covered stem: Cut a piece of branch to slightly fit the opening. Add a layer of white/tacky glue to the top of your stem. Using a long piece of jute, make a flat tight coil in hand and carefully attach to the top of the stem, hold for a minute or two for it to set. Cover half of stem with glue and start to wind the jute around the stem adding more glue and wrapping until you get to the bottom. Leave about an inch of jute and secure with glue to the bottom of the stem.

10. Glue the leaves in place.
To make the felt leaves: Cut two felt leaf shapes. Put them together, one on top of the other and stitch around the outside edges. I used a buttonhole stitch, but you can use a whip stitch, satin stitch or even a back stitch starting 1/8" to 1/4" from the edge. Leave a 2" opening and add a small amount of stuffing for more dimension or add a layer of batting between the felt layers before you start to stitch, this is optional. Finish off the edge. Next I stitched veins in the leaves using a back stitch. Tie the thread off on the back of the leaves and your ready to glue them on. There are tons of leaf templates on the internet, just search "pumpkin leaf template" or do like I did and just look at leaf pictures and free hand your own. I made several different ones and increased and decreased the size.

11. Using hot glue, attach the flowers. Your pumpkin is now ready for it's new home.

Hope you enjoy the tutorial and can make some really cute Primitive Pumpkins of your own.

Take Care & Happy Stitchin'
Hugs, Sandy 


  1. These are so cute.
    Thank you for the tutorial.

  2. Thanks for a great tutorial - it looks like fun!

  3. Thank you for the tutorial Sandy.

  4. Love them. Thanks for the great tutorial.

  5. This is absolutely amazing. You are beyond creative. Thank you for sharing.


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