Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentines Day !!


I got an early Valentines Day gift on Saturday.

A new Brother 1634D Serger and ....

a bunch of threads to use with it. 
He joins my Singer Heritage and my Brother XL-5340.

I have wanted a Serger for years and now I finally have one. Love that now I can serge the edges of my cross stitch fabric and not have it ravel. I tried zigzagging the edges before, but unless I got a real tight zigzag the edges still frayed. 
This one can use 3 or 4 threads and came with a Blind Hem foot (don't see me using that one very often) and a Gathering foot which will be nice for making gathered trim. Lots of things for me to learn after I get comfortable with the basics of the machine.

Well that's it for this post, so until next time .......

Take Care & Happy Sewing/Stitching Everyone
Hugs, Sandy


  1. How exciting! I bought a second hand serger and have only used it twice. It kind of intimiates me, LOL.

  2. Happy belated Valentines day to you also.
    Your new toy looks like fun!

  3. Congratulations to you! What a great gift!

  4. Your new toy looks like fun. I know you will enjoy using it.


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