Tuesday, May 07, 2019

TUSAL Update for April

I'm late once again with my TUSAL update, oh well, so goes life.
I'm still working on getting more of my "for sale" item's together and getting pic's taken.

Once again there are no floss ORT's just sewing threads and fabrics.
Been to busy sewing and fabric crafting to stitch.

Here are all of the ORT's that I have collected over the years.
They are going to be thrown away since I have no real reason to keep them and they are using up a perfectly good half gallon jar.

I will not put these out for our feathered friends, since I have seen a bird hanging dead from a nest by a piece of string and one caught up on a branch that was unable to fly away, it also had died. So better to be safe and let them find dried naturals and not risk their lives. Just my opinion.

Take Care Everyone
Hugs, Sandy


  1. What a lot of ORTs. Sewing is just so much better for producing ORTs than stitching ;) I use all my ORTs for stuffing, or for the inside of temari. Don't you have any projects requiring stuffing?

  2. I don't put Orts out for the birds either.
    I have heard it's bad for them.
    That's a big jar of Orts!!

  3. You have been busy with your sewing, Sandy. I don't put the ORTs out for the birds. Someone told me the hand-dyed floss wasn't good for them. Enjoy your week!


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