Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dinosaur Track's & Archeology Site's

On the July 4th weekend we took our second trip into the Big Horn Mountain's in Wyoming but there was no mud covered Jeep at the end of this trip.

One of the places we stopped at was the "Red Gulch Dinosaur Track Site" Where there is a stretch of solidified beach that has dozens of dinosaur tracks and you can look for clam fossils in the earth wall next to the site, people that go out there after a good rain fall can find ones that have been washed out. There are volunteer's there to tell you about the site.

Another place we stopped was the Medicine Lodge State Archeology Site. There is a visitor's center, nature trails, and hundred's of petroglyph's and a few pictograph's. (Click the pic's for a better view.)

I have put picture's of them in my Webshots album under Petroglyph's & Dinosaur Track's, I have up dated the last two pages of my Big Horn Mountains album with some more scenery from July 4th if you would like to see more. Enjoy.


  1. Thanks for sharing, would love to go there myself one day.

  2. Thank you for sharing those pics. I would love to take my kids to that. Isn't just amazing.


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