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Friday, July 24, 2009

A Stitched Gift For Donna

Donna has received the two ornaments I stitched up for her and put in my last blog update so I can now post the picture of the angel that I made for her and sent along as a little surprise/RAK. I for one feel that she truly is an Angel for the American Cancer Society for all the work that she is doing. You can check out her "Stitching For a Cure" blog to read more about this worthy cause. http://stitchingforacure.blogspot.com


  1. That is a adorable ornament and I know Donna will cherish it. I agree she is a real angel on earth with all she is doing to raise money.

  2. That is a pretty ornie. And yes Donna is an asset to the ACS. Very thoughtful of you to remind her with her own little surprise for all of her hard work.

  3. Great RAK for her, very well deserved indeed!

  4. All your ornaments are very cute! Congrats on the finishes.


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