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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Yellowstone National Park - June 27, 2009

On Saturday June 27th we went to Yellowstone, this was my second trip, but DH first trip and according to him it will not be our last. It is all just so breathtakingly beautiful there you really don't want to leave. We got to see Buffalo, Elk and my first ever Black Bear up close. It was a great vacation week for DH and me with at home down time in between to recharge. You can see all of the pictures we took in my Yellowstone Park album in Webshots. The link is in the sidebar.


  1. Your pics are really pretty. It looks amazing out there. Glad you had a good time at the LNS you found. You picked up some really nice stash.

  2. I LOVE Yellowstone. I live about 2.5 hours from Old Faithful and we go several times a summer. I really want to try it during the winter sometime. Glad you had fun.

  3. These are fantastic, would so love to go to Yellowstone.

  4. I just loved Yellowstone when we went. Would love to visit again and again.

  5. Wow - one day I have to get out there! Beautiful.


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