Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kamakazie Deer On The Road !!!


This is the end result of three deer jumping up out of the ditch and onto the road at 5:25 AM just one and a quarter miles from home and only about 10 minutes or so after my DH left for work.
The insurance company is sending a tow truck from the repair shop to come get it tomorrow so they can get started with the repairs.
I Thank GOD that DH was not injured, it didn't even make the airbag deploy.
Needless to say, the deer did not survive.


  1. Oh my, glad to hear hubby is OK. The Jeep did not fair much better that the deer.

  2. Glad your hubby is ok.
    SO sorry to hear that the deer gave his life.

  3. I don't know what the population of deer is in Montana, but they are awful here in MI and I see deer almost everyday on my way to work. It's very scary how many accidents they cause. Good thing your DH wasn't injured!

  4. Sandy, how sad. I'm so glad your DH is ok; it can be scary. We drive with one eye on the woods or side of the road from now through December. They're coming out each year earlier and earlier. My DH had his grill torn up by one a couple of years back and we've nearly hit them so many times. Your poor car (and poor deer).

  5. Thank god your husband wasn't injured. Still scary. Poor deer too.

  6. Sorry about the deer but glad that no one was injured. It is amazing how much damage a deer or three can do to a car.

  7. Deer sure do a lot of damage, don't they? Glad your DH wasn't hurt.

  8. I'm shocked the airbag didn't deploy. Very happy to hear DH was not injured.


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