Friday, August 21, 2009

Off To The Shop

Well, the hauler came and took our Jeep off to the shop this morning.
It still runs, which is a good thing, but with the radiator leaking like a sieve and the fan being bent it can't be driven far. DH asked one of the guys at work about the air bag not deploying and he said that they are set for certain types of impacts and that the deer might not have hit in just the right place or hard enough to set it off. He used to be a mechanic at a couple of dealerships in Billings but got tired of fixing cars, so DH has a good source of mechanical advice when he needs it.

I found out from DH that the deer ran out between two on coming cars. Just as he was getting close to the first car out ran the deer and he had no place to go and had just slammed on the brakes when he hit the deer. Of course the second car didn't even stop to see if he was ok, but it was 5:25 AM and still fairly dark.

Deer around here are plentiful and there are so many accidents from them coming up from the ditch, which is usually covered in fog early in the morning. It's about a 10 to 20 mile stretch of two lane where everything from deer, raccoons, skunks, opossums, porcupines and even weasels run across the road. Wildlife is beautiful but such a hazard on the roads, but that is the price we pay for moving into their territory and rural areas can be one of the worst in my opinion.

On the stitching front, I'm working on "Tranquility" by The Sweetheart Tree and have had the frogs come to visit in a grand way doing Ballroom dancing all over the place. I have had to do major frogging two days in row and almost ran for the shotgun to go frog hunting.

I had 3/4 of the vine border done when I noticed that I was at least one or two threads off and it was screwing up the works, so I had to frog all of that, since no matter how hard I tried I couldn't find where I was off. Then started another spot and that was off, then another start and that was off, so I put it away for a day and am now back on track. What a NIGHTMARE !!!
I'll post a pic when I get a bit more done on it or it's finished, don't know yet.

I want to thank every one who has been reading, following and posting comments on here, I really appreciate it so very much.

Take Care and Stay Safe...... Bye


  1. I hope the car is fixed quickly and not too expensive.
    May your weekend be deer and frog free. :)

  2. I can see how living in rural areas could be a hazard while driving. Sorry that you had to go frogging. It sucks. I had to yesterday on a small part of what I was stitching I was lucky with that one.

  3. Can't wait to see your new WIP.

    Sorry about your poor Jeep and hope it will be fixed soon for you. I sure understand the damage that can be done by wildlife. My brother's car was totaled by a deer and I had one hit me (I didn't hit it, it ran into the side of my car).

  4. Sorry to read about your car - hope its not too expensive? Here we have to beware of Kangaroo's and Emu's mostly!

    I just started friendship by the sweetheart tree - my first ever attempt at even weave and have tossed it aside already :( Disappointed as I love the design and wanted to complete it as a gift for my best friend.


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