Thursday, March 11, 2010

All You Need Is Love!

I just had to add a little more "LOVE" around the house.
After all you can never have too much love in your home, right?

Design: Love Pin Pillow
This little pin pillow (4.5"x1.75") is stitched on 32ct. white linen using DMC variegated #99.
I just adore this variegated mauve thread and need to pick up more on our next shopping trip.

Design: Love
Stitched on 14ct white perforated paper that had been antiqued by me, using DMC #99 & 94 and a solid DMC. I mounted it on a piece of fabric covered poster-board and trimmed it with a beautiful very dark wine ribbon.

OK, so now I need to quit stitchin' up pieces that look like Valentines Day, but I just love the antique sampler alphabet from the March 2008 Cross-Stitch & Needlework. The alphabet was re-charted by Jane Greenoff.

Take Care Everyone & Happy Stitching


  1. Both of these projects are very sweet Sandy! I like the varigated mauve floss too!

  2. The finishes are so nice! :) I also love the mauve thread; it has a really nice varation to it.

  3. Your finish is just beautiful! Love both of them.

  4. I have just been looking at your blog and love all the hardanger projects you have done. I like your recent Love worked on perforated paper and the way it is finished. I see you like Jane Greenoff as well, I belong to her CSGuild and she has some nice designs in the members booklet that we receive.
    Happy stitching and thank you for sharing.

    Hazel (UK)

  5. Another pretty finish Sandy!

  6. Very pretty! I especially like the Love Pillow.

    - Lisa N.

  7. Thats a beautiful alphabet and it looks great with the variegated thread.

  8. Beautiful Stitching Sandy :)

  9. I love your latest finishes! They are just too cute!

  10. These are great Sandy!! "Love" them!!

  11. More love in the house is always good :) Nice finishes!

  12. I love both of those. I need to start stitching smaller projects so I can accomplish something instead of large ones.


  13. Beautifull!!!

  14. It looks really different on the paper. How fun.

  15. Both a very pretty. I especially love the one on the perf paper.

  16. These are beautiful.

  17. Sandy

    Those are so cute and so pretty....I dearly love them. Congratulations on your finish.

    What are you going to stitch on next?

    Take care & Happy Stitching
    Hugs :)
    Linda K, Railroad

  18. Your finishes are so beautiful. I love both of them. Congrats!


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