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Thursday, October 08, 2015

A Little Touch of Autumn

Decided to make a fall wreath for the front porch this morning, so I took a trip through my fall crafting supplies. 
I came up with a handmade vine wreath, some silk fall leaf sprigs, a couple of handmade flowers, a couple of handmade pumpkins, a fall cross stitch piece and a couple of scarecrows that I picked up at Walmart a couple of years ago and this is what came from my crafty mind.

"Autumn Wreath"
Can't see the vine wreath, but I might change that later. I didn't use any glue, just slipped the scarecrows and the leaves into the vine wreath then tied the flowers, pumpkins and stitched pillow on with crochet cotton by taking a stitch through the back or bottom. Really easy to make changes that way in case I change my mind about it next fall.

Happy Fall Everyone
Hugs, Sandy 


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