Thursday, September 06, 2018

Labor Day Weekend Camping

Hello Dear Friends; Hope you all are doing well.
I was going to post a Halloween gift chart but my Kodak all-in-one printer died last week, so now we have to shop around for a new one. Hope it doesn't take to long to find what we want, we'll be looking for another all-in-one that scans, copies, and prints.

Here in the USA it was Labor Day on September 3rd and since my hubs employer see's it as a holiday, we got a three day weekend. 
Because of this we took a very short camping trip down to Wyoming and back to the Cottonwood Creek Campground. It was no where near as crowded as Memorial Day with only three other campers. There are LOTS of pictures to see.

Here we are, all set up in a space at the end of the campground.
There was a table and a fire pit and a great view of the water and mountains.
The hubs put up my radio antenna so there was classic rock playing all weekend long.

On Saturday night we were blessed with an amazing sunset, unfortunately the pictures don't even come close to the real thing.

On Sunday there was a trip up the canyon to see the waterfalls that were supposed to be there, should have taken the walk back in May as the waterfalls were very small and one was just a seep running down the rocks, the creek was also very small and disappeared at one point.

Starting up the trail.
So many beautiful views and interesting rock formations.
This is one of the waterfalls that was actually running and a view of the little creek.
(The waterfall is right in the middle of the picture below)
Even dead trees were of use to these very prolific vines.
Going back down the trail you were treated to a view of the lake and mountains in the distance.
The black pipe running down the left side of the picture supplies water to the livestock watering tank at the campground.

On Sunday night we were treated with another great sunset and I got a picture of the city lights of Lovell Wyoming. Of course the camera can never do justice to the night time.

We came home on Monday afternoon and the hubs was back to work on Tuesday. I got the trailer unloaded and shut down until the next trip, when I'll load him all up again with clothes, food, books and stitchin'.
Hope you enjoyed our little camping trip as seen thru the lens of my camera. 
That's it for this post, so until next time.......

Take Care & Thank You for Stopping By
Hugs, Sandy



  1. Looks like a peaceful area to camp.
    Love those rock formations!
    Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics.

  2. Isn't it amazing what one small little trip can do to refresh? What gorgeous views for you and hubby!

  3. Sandy, thanks for sharing the views from your latest camping trip. What beautiful country you live in! Enjoy your weekend!

  4. It looks like you had a wonderful weekend, thanks for sharing all your beautiful pictures!


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