Monday, April 22, 2019

A Couple of Products Reviews

Hello Everyone, Hope this finds you doing well.

I tried the "Aleene's Original Super Fabric Adhesive" for adhering Velcro to the straps of my canvas Hanging Organizers, the glue stuck to the fabric amazingly well, the Velcro not at all. Every single piece of Velcro pulled right off with very little fuss, I had a couple that I thought would make it, but a regular wash in cold water and the only thing they were stuck to was each other. 
 So, great for fabric, especially heavy fabrics, but not for Velcro.

You can see the glue patches above the snaps.

  I'm not completely satisfied with is my Dritz Ironing-board cover. It is hard to get it and keep it straight and getting water on it while spritzing to remove creases results in yellowish stains that you can see in the above photo.  Maybe it's just our hard water. Directions say not to machine wash so I will live with it as is since it doesn't leave marks on the fabrics. 

Just a bit of information if your thinking of getting either one of these items.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing your results of both products.

  2. Thanks for the reviews.


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