Monday, August 05, 2019

New Ironing Board Cover

 Hello everyone; hope this finds you all well.

My tabletop ironing board needed a new cover after years of ironing damp needlework and other crafts it was looking very, very sad.
So not wanting to wait until I found the perfect fabric I did a "make-do" cover.

I used an old king sized pillow case that was at least 30 years old but still in great condition. I left the original thin foam pad that came with the ironing board but added two layers of cotton batting for a nice padded feel that won't let the grid pattern show or leave an impression when ironing.

First I turned the pillow case inside out.
Then I traced the outline of the old cover on top of the pillow case then added a 1/2"-5/8" stitching line (didn't measure, just eyeballed it). I stitched around on the stitching line leaving a 2"-3" opening for turning at the front. 
I then cut 1/2" away from the stitching line and turned the case right side out and pressed.
Went back to the sewing machine and stitched on the outline from the old cover to make a casing. 
I finished by pulling 1/2" elastic thru the opening and stitched the elastic ends together. I didn't sew the opening closed since it was brunched up enough to not show after the elastic was in. I tried ribbon but it was a hassle trying to get it pulled tight and tied off.

This only took me about an hour and cost nothing.
I'll keep the original top for when I find that perfect fabric.

Take Care Everyone
Hugs, Sandy


  1. This was a great idea!

  2. Looks good. I need a new cover and padding for my large ironing board.

  3. What a fabulous idea, Sandy! I like your mini ironing board. May I ask what brand it is?

  4. I love how you repurposed your pillow case. Your cover is really cute. Thanks for the instructions.

  5. What a great idea. I have that same ironing board in our rv. Will give it a try.


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