Thursday, June 21, 2018

Are delivery drivers really this DUMB !!

Hello Everyone; Hope this finds you all well. 
This is going to be a bit of a rant post, just to warn ya.

The hubs ordered new leaf springs and tires for the vacation home (aka: the 5th wheel) on either the 8th or 10th. He figured it would take a week or so for everything to come in. 
He ordered tires from Walmart and they were at the Billings, Montana store on the 14th, fast shipping, easy pick up at their store. One down one left to go.

We waited and waited for the leaf springs to show up, he sent an email to the place he ordered from. They answered and said they had been delivered and gave a tracking number.The hubs checked FedEx website and sure enough they said they had been delivered on the 14th of June seven days ago. 
Now FedEx has been delivering here long enough that they know where our house is, the number is at the end of the driveway and on the house clearly visible from the street. There is an abandoned mobile home that looks abandoned with boarded up windows and such that we use for storage just around the corner.  

So where do the idiots deliver the leaf springs to, yep, that's right to the trailer with no house number that is boarded up. They sat outside a the back steps that are broken down and covered in moss for seven days with it raining most days. The boxes were soaking wet and the springs were starting to get rust and the bolts and brackets were also. Hubs just say's he'll throw a coat of paint on them before putting them on the trailer.

FedEx has always been a bit lazy about delivering out here with not ringing doorbells or knocking, just drop and run, even if it needs a signature. This was just the epitome of lazy workers that could tell no one lived there, but they just didn't care. I know the hubs won't send them an email, because he told the person we ordered from about it and thinks he will say something to them, but I am most definitely not that nice and will get the information from the shipment and send them a no BS assessment of their sorry ass service. 

And if we have a choice of shipper I will go with UPS. I like UPS much better, they always knock or ring before they head back to their truck.

Rant completed, sorry/not sorry for being a crabby ass. 
I guess I should be, and I am, grateful that we live in a small town with next to no crime otherwise the boxes would have been gone.

Take Care Everyone & 
Have a Great Weekend
Hugs, Sandy


  1. I agree with you about FEDEX, some years ago my husband had ordered me a fancy iron for Christmas, finally had to tell me because it didn't come, they put it in an obscure place on our business property and it had sat outside in the snow for two days. thank goodness it was well boxed and was all right so I agree!! and if we don't complain about poor service then it is the same as saying it was all O.K. take care from Iowa

  2. It is okay to vent, Sandy. While we don't have that issue with FedEx, we are currently having a similar issue with USPS.

  3. I would call them and surely complain!!
    Similar thing happened to us also.
    The P.O. delivers all of the small pkgs now on Sundays.
    Hubby ordered something for Christmas, after 2 weeks, it did not arrive, so contacted Amazon.
    Said it was sent out, but they sent another one anyway.
    2 weeks after Christmas, the neighbor 2 houses down brought our pkg over with his apologies.
    Turns out they put it in a back hallway in his house, which they never use in the Winter.
    Wasn't his fault.
    His address is 3039,ours 3009.
    This must be the same daily mail person because she always gets the numbers mixed up.
    We get his mail, they get our.(SIGH)
    We've complained many, many times, but she still can't read numbers.
    One time I ordered checks, and they went to a subdivision in back of us!
    At least they didn't throw them out, they took them to the bank, and the bank called us.


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