Tuesday, June 05, 2018

The Honey Locust are Blooming

Hello Everyone, hope all is well is with you and your staying safe.

My Honey Locust have finally started to bloom and permeate my yard with their amazing scent.
I so wish I could bottle that fragrance and add it to my blog post to share with you all.

Enlarge the pic to see all the beautifully fragrant blossoms.

We have five of these trees on our property and have contemplated cutting down the two oldest and biggest that reside at the back of our cabin just for the safety of our home, but so far they have shown no sign of disease or decay so they remain standing strong barely moving with the strong Montana winds we get from time to time.
We will be cutting down the Elms that are across part of the front half of our property thanks to the previous, previous owners who planted two 20-30 foot spans only leaving room for the driveways and the apple trees. That's what almost got the car last week and it's not the first giant limb that has come crashing down from the winds or snow load, so this year they go. Most definitely won't miss them.
We also have a Black Walnut that needs to go at some point before it takes out one of the sheds. Our squirrel population will definitely miss that one, but at least they have two others to rely on. The hubs wants to be picky about how that one is take out as the wood would be perfect for selling to gun stock makers.

 A new gift will be posted soon, I've been working on a few. 💝

That's it for today, so until next time.......

Take Care Everyone
💞 Hugs, Sandy 💞


  1. What lush looking blooms on your honey locust trees! My husband has taken down a couple this spring and plans on taking a couple dead ones down soon. Enjoy your week!

  2. Sandy, really pretty tree. I've never seen one before. What do the blooms turn into? Seed pods, fruit, ???

    Love how they hang in clusters. Judi in Phoenix

    1. They become long purplish brown seed pods, and I have pulled up baby trees every year because of them. The trees also have thorns which make them painful to trim.

  3. These trees are also sometimes seen here, they have such great flowers.
    Greetings, Martina

  4. Interesting tree, I bet it smells lovely.
    We lost a few trees this past Winter here in WI from the harsh weather.

  5. Absolutely beautiful! Good luck with the tree removal!


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