Thursday, October 11, 2018

October TUSAL Update

I totally spaced on the TUSAL update for October.
Better late then never. 

Here they are all secure in their jar. 
Not a lot but I didn't really stitch an awful lot during September. 
Only managed the three smalls I posted for the Smalls SAL.

Their all wild after getting out of the jar.
Had to shake the jar to get them all out.

That's it for my ORT report. 
"The Laptop Chronicles"
I got the laptop back on Tuesday and started it up only to have it shut itself back off after a minute or two. The longest I could keep it running was a few hours on Wednesday then it would shut back down. It kept having a pop-up saying the battery was very low, and when I checked the battery icon it would read 0% battery, plugged in, not charging. Which can be a common occurrence, I've read, with Windows 10.
The hubs got it to stay running long enough to do a few diagnostic tests and found that everything was working right but the battery was toast. Don't know how they missed that at the shop, but maybe it was behaving while they did their upgrades and fixes. That set us back around a $100 dollars.
The hubs took it with him so he can see if he can find out what type of battery it needs, he tried on-line but got so many different search results for my laptop he got tired of looking. 
Moral of the story: 
Don't leave your laptop sit for a year without plugging it in to charge at least once or twice a month.
Still sorting through all of the camping and side trip photos, should be done with them by the weekend.

That's all for today friends, so until next post......

Take Care, Stay Safe 
& Happy Stitchin'
Hugs, Sandy

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