Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Spooky Hallowe'en

Wishing you all a very Happy Hallowe'en 
and a Blessed Samhain.
May many little ghosts, goblins, and witches grace your doorway with shouts of "Trick or Treat" and Happy Hallowe'en.

Unfortunately we don't get any little ghosts and witches here at the cabin, the last time we bought candy and left the porch light on we got one little imp shouting "Trick or Treat" and none the next year so we just quit buying candy. 
I still stitch for Hallowe'en and Autumn/Fall and decorate the inside of the house with fabric pumpkins, ghosts and bats. 
Autumn and it's holidays, after all, will always be my favorite with Winter/Christmas decorating as my second, even though I hate the snow.  

Hugs, Sandy


  1. Living on a rural country road, we don't get any little ghosts or goblins. I tend to decorate for autumn/harvest overall since that can remain up through Thanksgiving. Happy November, Sandy!

  2. I stitched a picture of witch mounting a broomstick for my grandson - gave it as a treat, he was somewhat upset - he wanted chocolates instead :( so Im getting my husband to frame it instead.


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