Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Winter Crafting

Hello Dear Friends & Followers
I hope all is well with you.
Since I haven't been doing any stitching since late October, I decided to do a bit of crafting. I love decorating for Christmas/Winter, but most of my decor pieces are Santa's of varying sizes, two Angel's, one Nativity and assorted pine boughs and wreaths. Not a lot to leave out for the rest of the winter months, so I'm trying to remedy that.

Here is my first try at making a more rustic winter....


He's made from natural cotton batting, stuffed with fill from a well laundered old pillow, he has a weighted bottom, a hat made from an old glove and adorned with jingle bells sewn on the finger tips and little snowflakes scattered on the front, a scarf made from purple felt and fringed on the ends with a bigger snowflake, sewn on button eyes and two more for buttons down the front and a felt carrot nose.
He stands 9" tall and is 7" wide at the base. His nose pokes out at 1 1/2".
I tucked the thumb inside the glove and stitched the opening closed then gathered the fingers together and secured with some thread.

I thought about a bit of blush for the cheeks and twig arms, but don't know yet since I can mock up he arms but pink cheeks are forever.

I think he's just to cute and want to make a few more.

Thanks for stopping by and having a peek.

Take Care Everyone
Hugs, Sandy


  1. Your little Snowman is sooooo cute!
    Love the hat.

  2. Your snowman is adorable and I love your his hat - very clever!!

  3. He is so cute. I don't think he needs pink cheeks but maybe the arms would be nice.

  4. Oh my, your snowman is adorable. He makes me smile and what a perfect addition for winter time décor.

  5. He is adorable! I agree with you on the blush, but he does need arms. You are soooooo creative! Judi in Phoenix

  6. Such a cute snowman! What a great idea to use a glove for his hat :)

  7. He's darling - you did a great job!

  8. I love Jingles! SOOOooo cute!!

  9. Jingles is SO cute! What a sweet winter decoration! You do beautiful work.

  10. He's adorable! I say no on the blush, but yes, try the twigs!


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